EPL is Doing More and We Need You!

Dog running in the snow

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This good boy is sprinting forward without worrying if his stick is too big or the snow is too deep. #LifeGoals!

Evanston Public Library is like this happy pup, sprinting through the year with big goals.

We've done more this year because the community needed us. This year, we've added:

  • Virtual & in-person programs like Dedicated to the Dream, a family discussion group on race
  • Summer visits in the parks, meeting families & giving away hundreds of books and STEM kits
  • Virtual offerings including podcasts & movies to download
  • Wi-Fi hotspots, Chromebooks, and employment support materials & courses
  • Reparations application processing

We have stretched ourselves...and we keep moving forward with hope, purpose, and joy.

But we're doing all of this with increasingly fewer tax dollars than our peers. Donations are becoming more and more important to close the gap between tax revenue and our budget.

Now we need YOU. Your donation ensures EPL is meeting the needs of the community. Help us pick up all the sticks and run toward the future. Please donate today!


Reimagine the Power of Community


   Together, we are the Library!


P.S. Donate between now and 12/31/2021 and you will automatically be entered into a raffle to win an original framed Bruce Loeschen black and white print of a hand-drawn time capsule of Evanston. Add a little of Evanston into your home or office!

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