It's a New Year, Start With A New Tradition!

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I am writing to you today as a resident of Evanston who cherishes the Evanston Public Library. I'm awed that there's a place in town where I can borrow virtually any book, magazine, or movie (and now a WiFi hot spot or computer). And so can any resident.

Four years ago I decided to make my gratitude for the Evanston Public Library tangible: I began making a monthly contribution.

I set it up, on auto-pay with my bank, and that was that. It's a small amount. I confess I don't really miss it. I know, however, that small amounts add up, and that the Library can count on my regular contribution. Here's another confession: my secret fantasy is that others will join me in making a monthly contribution -tens of others, hundreds of others. And then those small contributions will REALLY add up. 

It's a new year. It's a great time to start a new tradition. So I'm asking you to consider joining me in signing up to make a monthly contribution

Together, our monthly gifts will create a base of sustaining support for a library we love so much. Make your recurring donation today by checking “Make this a monthly gift” on the Library’s donation page. Thank you for your active participation in your Library. Together we create the Library that serves all of Evanston, seven days a week, 12 months of the year.  ~ Patricia Broughton