Traffic Initiative Along Ridge Avenue Update

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Evanston Police Department Press Release


December 18, 2017

Contact: Commander Joseph Dugan - Media Relations
Phone:   (847) 866-5026




In late October 2017, the Evanston Police Traffic Unit along with the City of Evanston Traffic Engineers and other city officials including 4th ward Alderman Donald Wilson began exploring different avenues to address an increase in traffic crashes and traffic related citizen complaints along Ridge Avenue from Greenleaf Street to Davis Street.  At the start of the initiative, there had been 20 traffic crashes at the intersection of Ridge Avenue and Greenleaf Street, which was up from eight in 2016.  Since that time there has only been one more crash for a total of 21 crashes for 2017. 

The Evanston Police Traffic Unit initiated an educational and enforcement based effort to address the uptick in crashes and driving complaints.  Traffic Unit officers are also looking to address crashes at the intersection of Ridge Avenue and Lake Street where there have been 22 crashes so far in 2017.    

In addition to the enforcement efforts that are taking place, the Evanston Police Department has attempted to draw attention to the issue via social media and portable electronic signage in the area.  Meetings with City of Evanston Traffic Engineers, Alderman Wilson and other City officials has also brought about other avenues that we are all currently in the process of researching.  These include; reducing the speed limit on Ridge Avenue, synchronizing the traffic signals, use of speed cameras, and the addition of traffic mast arms at intersections.  According to Alderman Wilson, "I appreciate the diligent efforts of the Police Department and other City staff who are working to improve the roadways.  My hope is that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in Evanston will take a moment to be more thoughtful about how they use the roadways.  That they resolve to comply with the laws and that they think about how they can improve the way they navigate the roads to safely get from point A to point B."

The Police Department will provide further updates as the initiative progresses.