The Year of Public Art and More

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Evanston's Year of Public Art

October 17, 2017  |  v.1017a



Evanston's Public Art Explosion

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared 2017 the "Year of Public Art" for his city. But Chicago is not the only Illinois city that can claim the title. In 2017, the City of Evanston had its own public art Renaissance, with the installations of five sculptures, six murals and a multitude of temporary or "pop up" art pieces.  

Above, Evanston Artist Janet Austin inspires the audience at the unveiling of her sculpture Attached, the pilot piece of Evanston's new sculpture leasing program.

Ms Roberts Unveils

 Ms. Roberts, who has lived in the neighborhood surrounding Smith Park for over 65 years, unveils the new 10,000 Ripples sculpture in the park.  

The installation was a collective effort of residents who wanted to emphasis positivity, peace, tolerance and unity in their neighborhood.

Evanston artist Pearl Hirshfield's Homage to the Whooping Crane appears to be flying in for a landing to the bird sanctuary at the lakefront. Hirshfield donated Crane, and a second sculpture, Nature's Gift to the City of Evanston. Nature's Gift graces the landscaping just south of the Main Street CTA station on Chicago Avenue.


This mural created by artist Shawn Bullen was installed on Elmwood Avenue. The mural is one of a series of installations overseen by EMAP (Evanston Mural Arts Program), which is directed by Lea Pinsky and Dustin Harris.

Elmwood mural

Artist Thomas Melvin puts the finishing touches on the newly installed E2 mural just south of Emerson. Access to the mural can be found through the alley on the south side of the building. The mural, which stretches the entire length of the building, is now the largest single mural in Evanston.


(The center portion of the mural is shown below.)

E2 2
Dempster mural

This mural by Ruben Aguirre (and managed by EMAP) wraps around the corner of Dempster Street and Sherman Avenue.