It's Finally Here, the DCAS New Shelter Groundbreaking!

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A Message From our Operations ManagerDCAS Staff at Shelter Groundbreaking Ceremony

DCAS Breaks Ground on New Shelter!

On July 18th, DCAS took an important step forward in serving our community - the groundbreaking for an almost 10,000 foot addition to our shelter building. This is the first expansion in 45 years and is the result of over a decade of hoping, planning, and the collaboration of many people who believe in the work we do. Some exciting highlights of the project include dedicated rabbit and small animal spaces, a "Real Life Room" to simulate the comforts of home for stressed pets, and expanded medical/surgical suites. 

Construction will start in the next few months but we still need YOUR help to meet our goal! We need to raise $6 million and we still need $1.5 million. Can you help us reach our goal to save thousands of homeless pets in DuPage County?

To donate to the Capital Campaign and support our efforts to better serve our community, please visit the DuPage Animal Friends website

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Laura Flamion,

Operations Manager

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Small, happy, white dog in grassy yard

You may have seen their work in the newsletter, on social media, or on the adoptables section of the website. Our volunteer photographers like Zach W. understand how important it is to get glamour shots of the shelter animals. "People are visual, and if I can get their attention with a unique photo, it gives the animals that much better of a chance at finding a new home." 

Zach has been volunteering at the shelter for two and a half years, both as a foster and photographer taking adoption portraits of dogs, cats, rabbit, and even chickens. Each species presents a different challenge which makes it interesting for Zach. "Pet photography can be ruff. It requires the right equipment, positive reinforcers, and above all patience. But anyone can get amazing shots of their furry friends." Zach's top tips for getting a great shot are: 

Zach W holding white chihuahua and camera
  • Understand body language: Knowing how to read how a pet feels is incredibly important to help put them at ease. Also pay attention to your own body language to make sure you're not being intimidating. 
  • Get on the pet's level: A lot of beginner photographers get snapshots from above, but kneeling down to be at eye level with the pet will help them shine.
  • Show off who they are: What makes this pet unique? Are they curious, playful, loving? Capture their personality.

Of course, one of the easiest places to get amazing photos of the shelter pets is in a foster home! DCAS is always looking for loving foster families to get shelter pets into homes where they can relax and show their true selves. And then just like Zach, you'll get the chance to capture their amazing personalities for the world to see!

Learn more about fostering for DCAS.

Kitten Saturdays Start This Weekend!

Let's Find the Purrfect Match. We're Not Kitten!

Are you hoping to add a kitten (or two, or three) to your house this summer? DCAS staff wants to help every interested adopter find the right match for their family. 

Here's how it works: 

  1. Fill out a kitten adoption application
  2. Browse available kittens
  3. Once your application is approved, a staff member will call you to set up a meeting. There are two options:
    1.  If you know who you want to meet, make an appointment and we'll have them here!
    2.  If you don't know who you want to meet, sign up for a slot at a Kitten Saturday to meet a variety of kittens.
  4.  At the meeting, our staff will go over kitten care, special needs (if applicable), and answer any questions you have.
  5. Take your new family member (or members) home! 
Three Black and White Kittens

If you're looking the for the perfect kittens, let us introduce you to the Tabloid Trio: Alto, Jello, and Nando! They are Black, White, and UNBELIVEABLE all over! 

These amazing boys check all the boxes:

  • Playful
  • Cuddly
  • Social
  • Cat Friendly
  • Kid Friendly

There's just one more box they check. And sadly, it's keeping them from finding their forever home: FIV-Positive. 

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is found in up to 5% of cats. The virus is only found in cats and cannot harm humans or other pets. FIV cats can also live with other cats as it is not easily transmitted. While FIV can weaken a cat's immune system, causing secondary infections to be more serious, but many cats live with the disease without ever showing symptoms! Studies prove FIV-Positive cats live full, healthy lives, often living as long as those without the virus.

There are many myths about FIV and we are trying to spread the word about how a positive test result doesn't need to define wonderful cats like Alto, Jello, and Nando. Learn more about FIV-positive cats.

Click their photo to see this adorable trio in action!