What Animal Is Already Setting Records in the New Year

Message from Operations Manager and Veterinarian Administrator

"Rabbit, rabbit."  A popular tradition of speaking these words aloud, immediately on the first day of the month, is believed to bring good luck. If rabbits bring luck, then DCAS must be very lucky. However, in the last 5 years, our shelter has received approximately 600 rabbits. If the first weeks of 2021 are any indication, our annual intake of rabbits will be at an all-time high. These rabbits are either relinquished or brought in as a stray.

Frequently the rabbits arrive in very poor condition where they are either injured, have parasites and/or their coats are matted and covered in urine and stool. Many of the rabbits suffered from poor nutrition and care, either because they were abandoned in a forest or because the prior owners did not provide a proper diet, grooming, or housing. 

Many of the surrendered rabbits are from owners who had them for less than a year and then found that they weren't prepared for the amount of time and resources it takes to care for them. Rabbits are often an impulse buy at a pet store. We often hear that their “kids lost interest” so then the rabbits are no longer wanted and sometimes are no longer well cared for.

Another reason DCAS receives so many rabbits is because rabbits are very prolific. Purchased rabbits, from a breeder or a pet store, are often not “fixed”. DCAS receives litters due to a variety of reasons such as accidental breeding, paired rabbits that were mis-sexed, or the owners unknowingly purchased a pregnant rabbit.

Hence the saying, “Adopt, Don't Shop".

Adoption is often less expensive than purchasing from a breeder or a pet store and you get the added benefit of receiving a “fixed” rabbit. Adopting from DCAS also comes with a plethora of education on feeding, housing, and additional information to keep your bunny healthy and happy.

Please help us spread the message "Adopt, Don't Shop" and encourage anyone thinking about getting a rabbit to take the time to learn how to properly care for them. Helpful information can be found on our Rabbit Care Handout and please visit our website to view our adoptable rabbits.

Laura Flamion and Dr Hanek Signatures

      Laura Flamion                                 Dr. Barbara Hanek  

      Operations Manager                       Veterinarian Administrator 

Year End Summary

New Year, New Faces

Meet the newest staff members at DuPage County Animal Services.

Maddy Anderson

Madalyn Anderson - Animal Control Officer

Maddy graduated from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor’s in Law Enforcement. She previously worked as a Community Service Officer with the Woodridge Police Department where she discovered her love for helping animals. As a past volunteer for DCAS, when a position opened up, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to come on full time. In her off time, she can be found with her two fur-children, chihuahuas Minnie (a DCAS alum) and Daisy.

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Eric Koppen

Eric Koppen - Kennel Assistant

Eric is from a small town called Sandwich, southwest of DuPage County and started out as a filmmaker, teaching film at Columbia College in Chicago, while working on feature films shot throughout Illinois. However, his compassion towards animals led him to focus on wildlife and conservation documentary films. He spent years filming amazing wildlife: cheetahs, whale sharks, and his favorite, the pangolin. After travelling around the world from Kenya to Vietnam and beyond, Eric realized he wanted to help the animals back home in a more direct way, leading him to DCAS.

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Laura Winnie

Laura Winnie - Education and Community Engagement Coordinator

Laura  has worked in education with various nonprofit organizations over the past 15 years including museums, zoos, and aquariums. Originally from Southern Illinois, Laura got a history education degree from the University of Missouri – St. Louis and a master’s degree in museum education from the Cooperstown Graduate Program in upstate New York. After working for several years in Tampa, Florida, Laura is happy to return home to the Midwest with her husband and two beagles. 

2021 New Year's Resolutions

Trying to come up with a good New Year's Resolution? Find some inspiration from our cutest social media fans! 

Pet NY Resolutions

Our Volunteers Hop to it!

Joe, rabbit volunteer

Rabbits are the third most common animal surrendered to shelters and require very special care. DCAS is lucky to have volunteers like Joe who are knowledgeable in everything rabbits. Joe has been volunteering for two and a half years and helps work with under-socialized rabbits to prepare them for adoption and takes the beautiful photos of our adoptable rabbits. He makes sure the rabbits get plenty of exercise as well. Rabbits need lots of play time or they risk obesity, a very common condition for surrendered rabbits at the shelter. Anyone interested in bringing a bunny into their home should make sure they know the proper diet and exercise needs to keep their rabbit healthy. Click on the photo to view our "Are You Ready for a Rabbit?" webinar.  

Hopping into our Hearts

Mr. Squiggles is looking for some luck of his own on this Rabbit Rabbit Day!! He came to DCAS with several other family members who were living in a barn. Skittish at first, he has really been warming up to his foster family. After just a week, he is hopping around and asking for pets! He loves toys and is doing really well with his litter box training. Will his luck change for the better this month and find a new family?

Mr Squiggles