Happy Holidays from DCAS!

A message from our Veterinarian Administrator

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."

                                               -Helen Keller

I think it's safe to say that 2020 has not gone the way we anticipated. Reflecting back, a few words come to mind...resilience, gratitude, and hope.

Faced with many challenges, we all had to make adjustments both at home and in our workplace. At DCAS, we made numerous changes to keep our staff safe while continuing to serve our community and its animals. From using more of an appointment-based system to curbside service to Zoom pet interactions, we swiftly adapted to a new normal. Our staff and volunteers continued to possess a "can do" attitude and showed that not even a pandemic could prevent them from doing purposeful work. Besides donning masks and trying to maintain social distance, DCAS seemed to be an escape from the craziness outside the walls of our shelter. Especially during this year, animals brought us great comfort. If doctors could prescribe dog hugs or playtime with a kitten or a cat for 10 minutes three times a day, the world would be a happier place. 

In part, this is why DCAS continues to be such a happy place, where so many give of themselves to rescue, care and treat in order to save as many animals as possible. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a caring group of individuals and a community that believes in and supports our work. I'm forever grateful for our staff and volunteers, Brian Krajewski and our County Board, DuPage Animal Friends and all their donors and (recently) especially the media...who in both print and video told of our good work throughout the world!

2020 has shown us that nothing will prevent us from saving animals and helping people. With the arrival of the COVID vaccine, we look forward to a time that just doesn't return us to normal but brings times that are better than ever!

May 2021 be filled with health, happiness, and hopefully hugs.

Dr. Hanek Signature

Dr. Barbara Hanek,

Veterinarian Administrator

Comparing 2019 and 2020

DCAS saw a decrease in Animal Intake across all species in 2020, a trend seen in shelters and rescues across the US. A few factors are possibly working together: residents have been able to re-home animals on their own and owners have found new resources to enable them to keep their pets. This allows the DCAS staff to help those animals most in need in our community.   

Animal Intake












Other Animals



Total Animal Intake



Thank You for Donations!

Peppermint Patty

Our animals are feeling the love this holiday season. Thank you to College of DuPage for including us in their Up to S.N.O.W. Good giving campaign where faculty and staff shared personal messages of support to encourage giving back to organizations helping people and pets in our communities. We received cat carriers, food, treats, leashes, collars and so many other needed animal enrichment and care items. Thank you also to the donors that gave to DuPage Animal Friends this year. DuPage Animal Friends is a volunteer-run, 501(C)3 charity that supports the work at our shelter. YOUR GIFTS are making a difference in the lives of our animals. Thank you!

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Keep Pets Safe This Winter

As temperatures start to drop, don't forget your pets will need help to stay safe from the cold! Check out our tips below for providing winter weather care for your pets.  

5 Ways to Protect Pets In Winter

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Foster Shelly with 3 kittens

Meet Shelly!

In a year when so much of the focus was on moving animals to foster, we had a number of new people join the foster team. One of those people is Shelly Carballo. Already involved in dog rescue, Shelly was ready to help with cats. Shelly is detail oriented and kept records of pre and post feeding weights, food intake and of course poop. Shelly fostered three litters of kittens this year. The first was a fairly “easy” litter, eating on their own and overall healthy. But she quickly moved on to more challenging kittens, including a litter with ringworm and a group of bottle babies! She’s helped 11 kittens find forever homes this year! We have been so lucky to welcome her to the team this year! 

Cuddle time isn't just for kittens!

Quincy, an adoptable cat

Quincy is a sweet, talkative cuddle bug looking for a home for the holidays! Quincy is a bit overweight (that just means there is more of him to love) and is on Metabolic prescription food. Quincy has also tested positive for FIV. Cats like Quincy can live long and happy lives just like any other cat, they just have a weaker immune system. To learn more about adopting a cat with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, click here.  

Click on the photo to see video of this adorable, three-year-old snuggler getting belly rubs from one of our DCAS caretakers.   

To adopt, please submit an adoption application at  bit.ly/DCASadoptables

Due to COVID-19, all adoption interactions will be done virtually. During your virtual interaction, you’ll be able to see the pet on video and have all your questions answered by an adoption counselor.