District 25 Newsletter - March 16, 2018

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Idaho State Legislture

March 16, 2018

Otter signs HB 463, the big income tax cut bill, into law


Eye on Boise

March 12, 2018

By Betsy Russell


Idaho Gov. Butch Otter today signed HB 463, the $200 million-plus income tax cut bill, into law, praising lawmakers for passing the bill and indicating he’s also looking favorably toward a follow-up bill to add another $25 million in cuts by expanding a child tax credit.

“I’m very proud to sign this bill,” Otter said.  Click Here for the rest of the story.  

“Invent Idaho” brightens the rotunda

Invent Idaho

Student achievers from the “Invent Idaho” program displayed their inventions this week in the state capitol. 

Invent Idaho is one of the leading student invention programs in the Northwest.  Since its inception in 1989, it has provided a forum for thousands of young inventors in grades one through eight. 

Invent Idaho is the only program in Idaho that celebrates student creativity and innovation, while teaching the inventive thinking process in an interdisciplinary curriculum. Young inventors participate in progressive levels of competitions, including three Regional events held across Idaho, culminating in an Invent Idaho State Finals event. Click Here to learn more

A note from Senator Patrick

Dear Friends,                                                                          

As we anticipate the 2018 Idaho Legislative Session coming to an end.  It has been an honor for me to keep you informed of events and legislation in this year’s session.  This week in Commerce & Human Resources, we heard bill H0547 dealing with building codes in Idaho.  Currently, building codes are implemented by county.  As builders must comply within their respective jurisdictions, this bill aims to unify building codes throughout the state.


We also heard H0466, regarding minimum wage laws for businesses.  Currently, farms can hire underage family members without paying them minimum wage.  H0466 aims to extend this same provision to other businesses in Idaho outside of farming.


In committee, we heard a presentation from the Amalgamated Sugar Company.  The company aims to educate the community about the benefits of GMO (genetically modified organisms) sugar beets provide.  Sugar is a major industry in our area and a billion-dollar industry nationwide.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!  I always enjoy hearing from my constituents.


Sincerely,  Jim Patrick

A note from Rep. Kauffman

House Bill 658 passed the House this week on a vote of 45 yes-22no-3absent.

This legislation strengthens Idaho's private property rights protections by bringing all trespass law into one section.  This will ensure that property rights laws are more easily understood by landowners, the public and law enforcement. The bill eliminates inconsistencies in criminal and civil penalties and increases some penalties. The bill also enables expanded educational programs to ensure that property owners' rights as well as citizens' responsibilities are well understood.


Senate Bill 1313 labeled self-defense legislation would provide that a law-abiding person has “no duty to retreat” from an attack if the person is in any place the person has a right to be and would also codify a legal presumption known as the “Castle Doctrine”.  The “Castle Doctrine” simply says that if a criminal breaks into your home, your occupied vehicle or your place of business, you may presume he is there to do bodily harm and you may use force against him.  This legislation consolidates and codifies existing law and clarifies that in the exercise of self-defense, a law-abiding citizen may stand their ground and protect themselves or their family anywhere they have a legal right to be.  This bill passed the House and will be forwarded to the Governor for his consideration and signature.


House Bill 675 (Child tax credit, trailer bill) passed the House Revenue and Taxation Committee and was presented on the House floor and passed unanimously.  The bill increases the Child Tax Credit to $205, a $75 increase over the $130 Child Tax Credit in H463. The reason for the increase was due to a disparity in tax liability for large families.  The bill is now in the Senate Tax Committee awaiting a hearing.


Also met this week with Amalgamated Sugar, Idaho Dairymen’s Assn., Idaho Physicians & Residents and Idaho Speech, Language & Hearing Assn.


As always, call or email with comments or concerns.  It is an honor to serve as your District 25 Representative.

Sincerely, Clark Kauffman

A note from Rep. Bell



Committee members from JFAC presenting flowers to Representative Maxine Bell.

We are moving from lawn mowers running to snow hitting the windows.  Must be March in Idaho.  And that means we will be completing this session of the Legislature very soon. 

The bills with concerns are finally getting to the voting process. My JFAC group has completed the FY2019 budget and spent the past week working on trailer bills.  Our committee runs about 120 bills to fund the supplements for FY2018 and the bills for the coming fiscal year which starts July 1.  Along with that activity, we fund any bills that are passed from both bodies with a need for funding.  It was a very large list this year, adding up to fourteen million.  Because of the work to lower tax rates, and cover those who would be hurt by the federal tax changes, our work with the spending side has been more measured. 

At this time, we know the reduction to the revenue stream because of our appropriation bills.  However, the revenues continue to come in very strong, so we also know that growth could offset the tax reductions.  As I look at the final figures, it is apparent that we will be spending $173.6 million or 5.0% for three areas which are:  Public School support, Health and Welfare support, and Corrections.  The entire rest of the budget will be covered by 28.1 million of 0.8% of the new spending for the coming year.

My committee has done a terrific job in a very thoughtful way.  My hat goes off to each of them. I am finishing the week with two beautiful flower arrangements.  I have learned that the nicest people work with me and for the Idaho Legislature.  

Jim Patrick

Jim Patrick



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