PRESS RELEASE: HB67-Poorly Planned, Bad For Idaho Families


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Press Release - HB67-Poorly Planned, Bad For Idaho Families

For Immediate Release - Tuesday, January 31, 2017


BOISE Over the last five years, the majority party has forced working and middle class families to raise their property taxes just to keep the lights on at their schools. This is due to poor planning and funding at the state level, and we know that poor planning leads to poor outcomes. Rather than fulfilling our constitutional mandate to fully fund our schools and our infrastructure, Rep. Moyle’s bill will give the top 1% a tax cut of $1,562 -- a nice vacation. Middle class families will see almost no relief but will be guaranteed an additional tax increase at the local level to fund their schools.

If this bill passes, over 80% of the benefits will go to businesses located outside of the state of Idaho. It’s time to reinvest our money in our schools and roads which would strengthen Idaho’s middle-class families. While the Idaho Democratic Caucus continues to pursue legislation that will help improve the quality of life of all Idahoans, the majority party chases an agenda that benefits the powerful. Businesses large and small say they must have an educated workforce to succeed in Idaho -- and that should be the top of concern to our colleagues.


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Shelley Landry
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