Legislative Update for 05/06/2022

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Legislative Update for 05/06/2022

As work in the Legislature winds down, bill signings ramp up. This week, Governor Reynolds signed numerous bills including Senate File 2080 related to student physical examinations and health screenings.

  • SF2080 - An Act relating to the administration of certain physical examinations and student health screenings by school districts, charter schools, or innovation zone schools. Effective July 1, 2022.

Other legislation that was previously signed by the Governor include:

  • House File 2316 - An Act relating to public school funding by establishing the state percent of growth and the categorical state percent of growth for the budget year beginning July 1, 2022, modifying provisions relating to the regular program state cost per pupil, modifying provisions relating to the property tax replacement payment and the transportation equity payments, and including effective date provisions. Effective upon enactment.
  • HF2416 - An Act relating to student eligibility requirements in school district, accredited nonpublic school, regent institution, community college, and certain other institution of higher education athletics based on sex, and including effective date provisions. Effective upon enactment.
  • SF2266 - An Act concerning compensation and benefits limits, relating to the earnings limitation for retirees under the Iowa public employees’ retirement system and compensation limits for school corporation board members, and including effective date provisions. Effective upon enactment.
  • SF2128 - An Act related to education, including the education of students who are not fully English proficient and the standards applicable to the hiring, developing, and evaluation of community college faculty. Effective July 1, 2022.
  • SF2197 - An Act providing for the establishment of a task force related to special education support for students at nonpublic schools. Effective July 1, 2022.

As I mentioned previously, as bills are signed we will review them here at the Department to determine whether we need to develop administrative rules and/or guidance. We’ll send out a summative report once everything wraps up at the Capitol which will cover our plans around signed legislation. 

The Legislature is scheduled to reconvene on Monday, May 9. Typically, on Mondays, they gavel in sometime in the afternoon, but both chambers will return in the morning - the Senate at 9:00 AM and the House at 11:00 AM. I honestly have no idea if that means anything, but it is a deviation from what has been standard practice this session. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

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