Legislative Update for 04/16/2021

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Legislative Update for 04/16/2021

Renee Jerman

We are getting closer to the end of the session with the focus of activity on appropriations bills. Both chambers have been moving those bills through their respective Committees and still have differences to work out. As outlined in the session timeline, the adjournment date for the session to be completed is April 30, however, the final date will depend upon the legislative activity that remains to be completed.

Status of Department bills:

HF308 Senior Year Plus Proficiency Requirements - Governor signed.

HF315 Programs for At-Risk Children - Enrolled, which means has been passed by the House and Senate, ready for the Governor’s signature.

HF316 Open Enrollment Tuition (found in HF847)

HF317 Funding for Special Programs, Update Method of Calculation - Enrolled.

HF385 Open Tuition Billing (found in HF847)

HF386 Eliminates the Non-Profit School Organization Report to the Department - Governor signed.

HF388 Child Development Assistance Duplicative Duties - Enrolled.

Both the House and Senate’s Appropriations bills, HF 868 and SF 596, have passed in Committee and are eligible for debate on the floor. Both bills include funding provided in SF 2360 (Classroom Environment and Therapeutic Classrooms Act) from the 2020 Session, which can also be found within the Notes on Bills and Amendments (NoBA) for SF2360, page 2.Those appropriations include:

  • $500,000 to the Department of Education for developing standards and guidance on behavior in the classroom, restraint of a student, least restrictive environment, and research-based intervention strategies. 
  • $500,000 to the Department of Education for reimbursement to school district claims for therapeutic classroom transportation. 

For additional details on the Appropriations bills, here are the links to the NoBA for HF 868 and the NoBA for SF 596.

SSB1260 Area Education Agency Funding Supplement Calculations - Modifies certain area education agency categorical funding supplement calculations and enrollment determinations.

Division I - Area Education Agency Payments

Division II - Area Education Agency Special Education Support

Division III - Area Education Agency Media Services

Division IV - Area Education Agency Educational Services

Division V - Area Education Agency Enrollment Served

Division VI - Area Education Agency Weighted Enrollment

Division VII - Area Education Agency Teacher Salary Supplement

Division VIII - Area Education Agency Professional Development Supplement

The Education Bill Tracking webpage provides regular updates during the Iowa legislative session on bills related to education in Iowa. Information about new bills, including names, numbers, and sponsors are provided.

The legislative website provides links to the Senate floor debate and House floor debate that are active during debate.

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