Governor Reynolds Extends Proclamation of Disaster Emergency

Proclamation of Disaster Emergency Extended

On October 16, 2020, Governor Reynolds extended the Proclamation of Disaster Emergency through 11:59 p.m. on November 15, 2020.  This extends the requirement that all dental services be provided in compliance with the Board's Guidelines for the Safe Transition Back to Practice.  The full proclamation can be found here


SECTION SIX.  Pursuant to Iowa Code § 135.144(3), and in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Public Health, unless otherwise modified by subsequent proclamation or order of the Iowa Department of Public Health, I continue to order that until this disaster proclamation expires:

A.  A dentist and his or her dental staff may resume providing any dental services if the dentist complies with the following requirements:

(1)  All dental services are provided in compliance with the Guidelines for the Safe Transition Back to Practice adopted by the Iowa Dental Board on May 5, 2020.

(2)  The dentist has adequate inventories of personal protective equipment (PPE) and access to a reliable supply chain without relying on state or local PPE stockpiles to comply with the Guidance for Returning to Work during COVID-19.

(3)  The dentist has a plan to conserve PPE consistent with guidance from the CDC and Iowa Department of Public Health.

B.  The performance of any dental procedures except in compliance with paragraph A continue to be prohibited.

C.  This order shall be enforced by Iowa Dental Board investigators or their designees who, pursuant to Iowa Code § 153.33(1)(b), shall have the powers and status of peace officers when enforcing this order.