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July 29, 2020 - Volume 1, Issue 10


News & Updates

Emergency Proclamations Continue

The Iowa Board of Nursing (IBON) continues to monitor the emergency proclamations set forth by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds since the first one was issued in March. The most recent proclamation, dated July 24, 2020, extends the prior deadlines for licensing relief provisions. See the document at this LINK

Although the Board office is physically closed to visitors, we are open for business and staff wants to help answer your questions. See the following updated frequently asked questions document for those inquiries we are hearing most about at this time: FAQ. See also the updated memorandum to nurse licensees, nurse employers and nurse educators about proclamation guidance at this LINK.

As a reminder, the IBON has a web page dedicated to every memo, announcement, or statement posted by the IBON since the COVID-19 pandemic started. See the page at this LINK

How does the IBON view abandonment?

The Iowa Board of Nursing (Board) receives numerous telephone calls from individual nurses as well as employers requesting clarification of the abandonment issue. Though the Board rules do not define the term “abandonment,” the Board has investigated and disciplined nurses in the past for issues surrounding the concept of abandonment as it relates to the nurse’s duty to the patient. The Iowa Board of Nursing rule that relates to this issue, Iowa Administrative Code 4.6(4)”h”, states that it is unethical conduct if you fail to report to, or leave, a nursing assignment without properly notifying appropriate supervisory personnel and ensure the safety and welfare of the patient or client.

Callers also inquire if it is considered abandonment to resign from a position and give less notice than required by the facility. Employers often report a licensee for not giving 30 days’ notice as stated in their policy, or not giving the 2 week notice considered an industry standard. While this is a standard to which most professionals adhere, the Board is concerned with patient safety and will not consider it to be abandonment as long as the licensee notifies appropriate supervisory personnel and ensures the safety and welfare of the patient or client. 

CPR & Emergency Cardiovascular Care Extensions

CPR requirements and expirations are not monitored as a part of nursing licensure: Employers monitor completion of this training based on employee requirements. The American Heart Association (AHA) issued guidance for extensions on Instructor and Provider Cards during the COVID-19 outbreak. See the AHA announcement updated July 23, 2020, at this LINK  Nurses should check with their employers for guidance on this topic. 

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Domestic Violence and COVID-19 

(Reprinted from the Iowa Safe at Home Newsletter dated Summer 2020)

Months of quarantine due to COVID-19 have lead to an increase in the number of domestic violence cases across the globe. Close quarters coupled with financial difficulties can often make a difficult relationship more volatile. An article in the New York Times explains the climate in detail.

As the stay at home recommendations are lifted, there will be increased opportunities for people to leave situations where there is intimate partner violence. Safe at Home is an important resource to offer to any one who fears for their safety during this critical time, in which violence to the victim often increases when the offender is threatened with loss of power or control. Please keep this in mind as you interact with clients or members of your community. Your knowledge of Safe at Home could save a life. Information about the program can be found on the website.

Interesting News

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Upcoming Board Meetings are listed on the Board's website.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is a conference call set for August 5, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. Agendas (posted no later than 24 hours before a meeting) and approved minutes of prior meetings can be found at this LINK.

The Iowa Nurse Assistance Program (INAP) is offered by the IBON. INAP is a resource for individual nurses who are impaired due to substance use or by any mental or physical condition. See the INAP web page for more information.   

Nurse License Verification - The IBON discontinued the issuance of wallet cards as part of the license renewal process in July 2019. If you want proof of licensure, there is a print screen option on the web page. You must have the license number to access the system. Alternatively, you may verify a license using a name through the QuickConfirm License Verification feature of the NCSBN website.  

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