Libraries: Report Re-Openings to Track when IA Shares Delivery Can Resume

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From the State Library - May 5, 2020

Libraries: Report Re-Openings to Track when IA Shares Delivery Can Resume

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With many libraries developing plans to re-open to the public, the State Library understands that there are questions about when the IA Shares delivery system will resume regular operations. We have been in contact with StatCourier about the logistics, and in order for delivery to restart and the full routes to run efficiently, a minimum of 330 public libraries must be open and able to accept deliveries on their designated day.

In order to track when this threshold is met, we are asking directors to complete the form at the link below once a re-opening date has been set for your library.

Responses to the form will be automatically entered into a spreadsheet linked on the State Library Re-Opening Considerations and Information webpage. Once we approach 330 libraries open, StatCourier will call back or rehire drivers and start the process of resuming the IA Shares routes. Due to the complexity of the routes and the terms of the contract between StatCourier and the State Library, we cannot accommodate individual appointments, special deliveries, or partial routes.

The first priority once service resumes will be to make sure items that have been stored at the hubs during the time delivery was suspended will be delivered to the destination libraries. Those items have already been quarantined so there is no need to do so again, however we ask that you wipe down the totes and bags with disinfectant once received. Drivers will accept materials from libraries as well, but they must be sent in official IA Shares bags and totes; this may mean that some items need to be held longer or mailed via the postal service to address the backlog as delivery gets going.

Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, the State Library ordered a significant quantity of new IA Shares bags to alleviate the bottlenecks experienced by many libraries. We are currently awaiting delivery of the bags, and understandably, delivery dates have been pushed back. As soon as we receive the bags and IA Shares is back up and running, we will begin distributing them to libraries.

Please be patient as we slowly begin the process to reinstate IA Shares; it will take time to get fully back up and running. Remember to social distance from your drivers in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. We will be in contact with any changes and once the process of resuming IA Shares is closer.

Report a Library Re-Opening Date