March 2020

CACFP Team Nutrition Newsletter

Celebrate National CACFP Week! March 15-21, 2020

The CACFP Team Nutrition monthly newsletter provides information on nutrition and physical activity for young children, trainings and funding opportunities, resources, and success stories from Iowa CACFP programs working to support healthy habits.

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peer mentoring

Team Up for CACFP Success

Hear what Brent Baade has to say about the value of CACFP and why he recommends the Team Up for CACFP Success peer to peer training on March 12th. "The work you do every single day does make a difference." Registration closes Friday, March 6th.

New Label

Updated Nutrition Facts Label

As you know, USDA has updated the Nutrition Facts label. These changes include listing added sugars; larger font for calories; new serving sizes; revised percentages for Daily Values; and an updated list of required vitamins and minerals.

Many manufacturers already have started to adapt the new label on their products, and the new label will appear on all food items by January 1, 2021. The Health Educator’s Nutrition Toolkit provides helpful resources to share with parents. It includes tip sheets, evaluation tools, a PowerPoint presentation, sample social media posts and more. A video for health educators outlines the science behind the Nutrition Facts label update.


Culturally and Linguistically Inclusive Nutrition Education

Food is an essential part of life. Food makes it possible to grow and learn, but it means much more than that. Our food preferences and choices are personal and cultural. What we eat or don’t eat, when we eat, how we cook food, and more is influenced by culture. Learn what considerations Lyn Jenkins, 5210 Coordinator for EveryStep Community Health & Wellness suggests as ways to build positive nutrition education experiences for the children in your care.


Local for Little Eaters

Local Food for Little Eaters

A free guide that walks you through making the transition to a farm to table program at your center. Local food purchasing is one component of farm to early care and education, which also includes on-site gardens and food, nutrition, and agriculture education. This procurement toolbox is designed to help early childhood programs purchase local food. Start planning for Spring!

Success Story - Trying New Foods 

CACFP Provider Jennifer Rothwell says, "We have found at our center that if we introduce the new foods in small increments, it goes over much better. One time we may add humus to the plate of crackers. The next time we may add a pickle to the plate of tuna salad. The next time it may be add roasted squash to their lunch plate. It doesn't have to be all done at once. Be sure their plate is full of items they would eat with the additional item they are trying new. The first couple times they may refuse to eat it, the next time they may try it because they see their friends doing it. You just have to keep trying AND talking about the food using positive statements is key!"

tryng new food
teaching gardening

Gardening Ideas from SNAP-Ed

With spring around the corner, it’s time to start planning your gardening projects.  Get your gardens off to a running start by checking out the SNAP-Ed Connection’s Gardening Page.  You’ll find gardening basics, nutrition education tools for use in the garden, and gardening success stories.  

Upcoming CACFP Trainings! 

Chef Windmuller
Farm to School Conference

Iowa Farm to School and Early Care Conference

Save the date! The 2020 Iowa Farm to School and Early Care Conference will be held on June 18-19th at Timberline School in Waukee. The planning team is currently accepting breakout session proposals. Presenting is a way to share your best practices and creative ideas! The deadline to submit a proposal is March 27.

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