November CACFP Team Nutrition Newsletter

CACFP Team Nutrition Newsletter

November 2019

The CACFP Team Nutrition monthly newsletter provides information on nutrition and physical activity for young children, trainings and funding opportunities, resources, and success stories from Iowa CACFP programs working to support healthy habits.

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Spanish Infant Guide

Feeding Infants in CACFP Guide - Spanish Version

Now available in both English and Spanish, this resource helps CACFP operators implement the CACFP infant meal pattern requirements and best practices by providing information on:

  • CACFP infant meal pattern
  • Developmental readiness for solid foods
  • Hunger and fullness signs
  • Handling and storing breastmilk and infant formula
  • Creditable foods, and more! 

Printed versions of the Spanish guide will be available at a later date.

CACFP Webinar

In-Grained: Easy Tools to Determine Serving Amounts Webinar

Learn about tools to determine how much of a grain item is needed to meet CACFP meal pattern requirements.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

  • English: 1 to 1:30 p.m.
  • Spanish: 2 to 2:30 p.m.

Are you looking for ready-to-go presentation slides on the CACFP meal pattern?  The CACFP Thirty on Thursdays slides are in English and Spanish, designed for an interactive 30-minute training, and include training worksheets. Topics include feeding infants, methods for healthy cooking, meal planning in CACFP, and many more!

Grain oz eq

NEW! Using Ounce Equivalents for Grains in CACFP

This training resource reviews amounts of grain items needed at CACFP meals and snacks.

  • Over 40 common grain items listed in household measures - no food scales required!
  • Plain language instructions for determining ounce equivalents for grains.
  • Size guides for items like crackers and tortillas.

Currently available online in English.  Print and Spanish versions coming soon!

Top five tips for picky eaters

Top Five Tips for Picky Eaters

Mary Davison, a childcare provider, says, "Getting kids to try new food is hard but I have found out that if you just keep serving it before you know it they are eating it."


Marie George responded, "As children see their peers eat certain foods they do not like, this may motivate them to eat foods they avoid and consequently eat and come to realize the food is good to eat. Reintroducing the food maybe in a soup, salad, sandwich or garnish may help the child to accept the food."

The National CACFP Association handout offers strategies that may help with picky eaters in your childcare.

Farm to ECE

Iowa Farm to Early Care & Education

The vision of Iowa Farm to ECE is that all Iowa children and their families actively thrive in healthy communities for a lifetime!

By providing provider education, family engagement, and local food access to young children, the benefits will:

  • Improve child health
  • Decrease obesity rates
  • Generate farmer income
  • Improve local economies
  • Improve our environment
  • Create sustainability

Even during the winter months, providers can utilize the "Tools for Early Childhood Educators" on the website to teach and show children where their food comes from. And check out the blog for personal, fun examples of Farm to ECE happening around the state.

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