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November 2019

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Let's set a record Iowa! Let's show the world how Iowa does Computer Science Education Week!

Computer Science Education Week is December 9-13, 2019.

Theme: Learn Computer Science. Change the World. #CSforGood

What is your plan? Tell us about it.

A few ideas to involve your community:

  • Invite a school board member, the mayor, your state legislator, etc. to your classroom or event
  • Host a Family Computer Science night
  • Bring a local community member in to talk about where computer science exists in their role.
  • Are you a business? Call your local school and ask how you can participate.

Tell everyone about it! Twitter #CSforIA #CSforGood


Additional resources, thanks to the Grant Wood AEA Digital Learning Team.


CS Standards in Action

Two Iowa Computer Science Standards

1B-DA-07: Use data to highlight or propose cause-and-effect relationships, predict outcomes, or communicate an idea.

3A-IC-25: Test and refine computational artifacts to reduce bias and equity deficits. 

One story

You might have seen the story two weeks ago… A healthcare algorithm with bias. The algorithm is used to predict which patients will benefit the most from extra assistance, allowing providers to focus their limited time and resources where they are most needed. The algorithm uses large amounts of data to make predictions.



Computer Science Music

Yep. You read that right. Computer science music. CodeScty (pronounced Code Society) uses original Hip Hop music and videos to teach computer science concepts. “Like Schoolhouse Rock for computer science.” Take a listen.


What's a computer's favorite beat? An algo-rhythm.

CS for All Teachers

CS for All Teachers is a virtual community of practice, welcoming all teachers from PreK through high school who are interested in teaching computer science.


3 ways to prepare students for computer science jobs

[...] computing is a necessary skill in every field, and therefore the study of computer science (CS) should be foundational and not solely vocational in American schools. 3 ways to prepare students for computer science jobs:1) Teach learners to be designers, not end users, 2) Teach students the various CS job roles, and 3) Teach kids the basics of programming and coding.


Amazon Future Engineer

Amazon Future Engineer is a comprehensive childhood-to-career program aimed at increasing access to computer science education for children and young adults from underserved and underrepresented communities.



Computer Science Web page

Iowa's Computer Science Standards

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