The Link E-Newsletter - April 2017

WEEK OF APRIL 14, 2017

News & Resources


  • The Administration on Aging has released the Profile of Older Americans: 2016. The data findings draw primarily from the U.S. Census Bureau, the National Center for Health Statistics, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
  • CMS has released an Informational Bulletin on the updated poverty guidelines that are applied to eligibility criteria for programs such as Medicaid. The Informational Bulletin also includes the 2017 Dual Eligible Standards information that lists the new standards for the Medicare Savings Program categories:
  • The FrameWorks Institute has released a ReFraming Aging Toolkit to provide resources to enhance and advance the conversation about older adults. The toolkit includes information about an approach to changing public thinking about aging in America, original research on communication strategies on aging issues and useful materials and tools:
  • The National Consortium on Aging Resources for Seniors' Equity, funded by the Administration on Community Living (ACL), has published a fact sheet detailing the four best practices for working with diverse older adults to help decrease the prevalence of disparities among racial, ethnic minority and LGBT older adults, their families and caregivers:

Nutrition Services


  • The National Council on Aging (NCOA) has developed a Community Malnutrition Resource Hub to help community-based organizations, public health leaders, health care professionals and other organizations interested in reducing malnutrition among older adults. The site includes practical resources, tools and ideas to help members of the aging network develop and implement a malnutrition plan:

Family Caregiver

  • A recent AARP blog details the financial impact of family caregiving after a study was conducted that found that 78 percent of family caregivers  report incurring out-of-pocket costs as a result of caregiving. In 2016, family caregivers of adults on average spent nearly $7,000 on out-of-pocket costs related to caregiving, amounting to 20 percent of their total income:

Disease Prevention Healh Promotion


Elder Abuse Prevention


  • On March 30, the Governor signed House File 544, a bill that includes personal degradation as a form of dependent adult abuse by caretakers in facilities and programs regulated by the department of inspections and appeals. Personal degradation includes willful acts or statements intended to shame, degrade, humiliate, or otherwise harm the dependent adult’s personal dignity:

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