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FSA Partnership Meetings

November 14: Collier-Lee-Charlotte Partnership, 9am - 12pm. Contact Collette Lauzau

November 14: Volusia County Partnership, 1-3:30pm. Contact Jennifer Winters

FSA News

2022 FSA Annual Monitoring Report Cover Photo

The 2022 FSA Monitoring Data at Work Annual Report is Here

The 2022 “Florida Shorebird Alliance Monitoring Data at Work” annual report is now available on the Florida Shorebird Alliance (FSA) website

This year the annual report celebrates the conservation journey made possible by FSA partners. With over 10 years of data in the Florida Shorebird Database (FSD), the report looks at how monitoring has evolved since 2011. 

This year’s report includes abundance estimates for all five focal species, with three years of estimates: the 2019 baseline estimates and updates for 2020 and 2021. The report also features the accuracy of rooftop-nesting least tern numbers and how often the analysis team intends to double-check the accuracy.

An exciting addition to this year’s report is a behind the scenes look at data quality in the FSD, which includes an overview of the different ways we ensure that FSD data is of the highest standard so that it can be used for management, research, and regulatory purposes.

The report highlights different strategies that get used in Florida to reduce human disturbance and improve nesting outcomes. Also highlighted is a synopsis of recent success of adaptive management work at the Barge Canal islands.​ Finally, the report includes an update of the ground nesting and flightless chicks graph, and new versions of the much-loved species fact sheets for the five focal species. 

The 2022 report is a reflection of your long-term dedication to making conservation gains for shorebirds and seabirds in Florida. We are thankful to be your partner in shorebird conservation! Please email us with any questions.

Report cover photo by Britt Brown

Hurricane Ian

On Sept. 28, Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwestern Florida as a high-end Category 4 storm. With maximum sustained winds of 150 mph, it ties the record for the fifth-strongest hurricane on record to strike the United States. It was the strongest hurricane to hit Florida since Michael in 2018. It was also the first Category 4 hurricane to impact Southwest Florida since Charley in 2004.

Many FSA partners were impacted by the hurricane and are in the early stages of recovering. If you would like to contribute to recovery efforts for those impacted by Hurricane Ian, view some options here

2022 Red Tide Video

New Red Tide Video for Residents and Visitors

The FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute recently created an animated video on red tide in Florida’s marine and estuarine waters. This video is intended for residents and visitors and covers three main topics:

  • What is red tide?
  • Is red tide dangerous to humans?
  • How do we track red tide?

Available as a single video or as three shorter stand-alone videos focused on each topic, these easy-to-access resources can be readily shared to help provide critical education leading up to and during red tide events.

The video is intended for a variety of audiences, from vacationers with little knowledge of red tide to long-time residents who wish to know more about the phenomenon and how it’s tracked.

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FSD Updates

Thank you, FSA Monitors

The Florida Shorebird Database is Closed for the Season!

A huge thank you to everyone who was able to monitor this year! Thank you for each and every monitoring record you submitted in the 2022 breeding season. Your data are essential for advancing shorebird and seabird conservation in Florida.

If there are surveys that you couldn’t enter before the FSD closed, reach out to We know how hard you worked to monitor breeding birds across the state and we can work with you to make sure all your data make it into the FSD. Thank you for your dedication!

Ebb Tidings

Shorebird season comic by bird and moon comics

It's always shorebird season for us! Thanks to Bird and Moon Comics for permission to reprint.