January 2020 Wrack Line Newsletter

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Now - January 5: Audubon's 120th Christmas Bird Count

January 16-20: Everglades Birding Festival

January 16-20: North Shore Birding Festival

January 17-19: Rookery Bay Festival of Birds

January 22-27: Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

January 25: Birds of the Beach at Rookery Bay ELC

FSA News

2020 WSS

Save-the-Date: Florida Winter Shorebird Survey 

February 7-13, 2020

Florida’s Annual Winter Shorebird Survey starts on Friday, February 7th and continues through Thursday, February 13th. This week-long survey serves as the official statewide snapshot of coastal wintering shorebirds and seabirds in Florida.  Please check the FSA website and Facebook group in mid-January for more details and to participate. We hope you enjoy this fun and challenging winter survey and Thank You for your continued efforts!


Audubon Christmas Bird Count Ends January 5th

As a reminder, Audubon’s annual Christmas Bird Count is going on until January 5th. This count is one of the longest-running wildlife surveys, conducted for over 100 years. 

Audubon and other organizations use data collected in this count to assess the health of bird populations and help guide conservation actions.  If you haven't yet, please join the tens of thousands of volunteers nationwide making a difference for science and bird conservation.

To participate, contact your local compiler to join or conduct a count. You can find the contact information for your local compiler here.

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FSD Updates

The America oystercatcher is a large shorebird that specializes in eating bivalve mollusks. In Florida, American oystercatchers are listed as state Threatened and are a focal species for monitoring. Below is a Florida-specific fact sheet for the American oystercatcher. You can find more details about the American oystercatcher and other shorebirds and seabirds in the 2019 Annual Report!

AMOY Fact Sheet

Ebb Tidings

We Wish You A Happy New Year!

Thank you for helping the Florida Shorebird Alliance succeed in 2019.  We look forward to a new year of making conservation gains for Florida's beloved shorebirds and seabirds!

2020 HNY