September 2017 Wrack Line Newsletter

Wrack Line

FSA Partnership Meetings:

October 5: Panhandle Working Group, 10am - 3pm (CST), Gulf Coast State College, Panama City. Contact

October 5: Suncoast Partnership, 1-3pm, Eckerd College, St. Pete.  RSVP to

October 11: Florida Keys Partnership, 9:30-11:30am, State Government Building, Marathon. Contact

October 12: Southeast Partnership: 10-12:30pm, NOVA Southeast University, Ft. Lauderdale. Contact

October 12: St. John's/Flagler Partnership, 1-4pm, Alligator Farm, St. Augustine. Contact

October 13: Collier Partnership, 1-4pm, Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center, Naples. Contact

October 18: Treasure Coast Partnership, 9:30am - 12pm, St. Lucie County’s Richard E. Becker Preserve. Contact 

October 26: Space Coast Partnership, 10am - 12:30pm, Cocoa Beach Public Library. Contact

November 1: Volusia Partnership, 1-4pm, Beach Safety Headquarters, Daytona Beach. Contact


September 6: World Shorebirds Day! 

September 21 - 25: Birding Festival of the Keys

October 1: Florida Shorebird Data Entry Deadline

October 20-21: Audubon Assembly

FSA News

Thank you, bird stewards!

THANK YOU to all 2017 bird stewards!

-Marianne Korosy

 Beach-nesting birds are winding down their nesting effort on the Sunshine State’s coastal areas and rooftops and FSA partnerships are beginning to host celebrations for volunteer bird stewards across the state. Tropical storms and depressions took a toll on nesting success this year especially in the western Florida Panhandle. But the birds persisted – and so did Florida’s beach and rooftop bird stewards!

From Audubon Florida, FWC, and all of our vitally important FSA partners, a big “THANK YOU” to bird stewards across the state!  Whether you gave one hour or 30 hours protecting nests and flightless chicks, you are the reason beach-nesting birds fledged those chicks on our crowded mainland and island beaches. And rooftop bird stewards – thank you for spending your free time pounding hot pavement among parked cars, checking for fallen chicks and putting them back up on gravel-covered rooftops where their parents could feed and protect them. 

Please keep in touch and we hope to see you out there next year!

(photo by Beth Forys)


World Shorebirds Day

World Shorebirds Day

-Gyorgy Szimuly

World Shorebirds Day is celebrating its 4th anniversary this year with birdwatchers, conservationists, researchers, organisations and bird clubs from around the world.  Join us on September 6th to celebrate shorebirds and all those working with and for them.

One if the goals of World Shorebirds Day is to promote the importance of shorebird conservation through our popular citizen science program,  Global Shorebird Counting, which takes place between September 1st - 7th.  Already this year several hundred locations have been registered from various habitat types, countries, and important bird areas. Global Shorebird Counting is not only a citizen science program but also an awareness program for the importance of bird monitoring that is a fundamental part of conservation efforts.

We encourage everyone to join the celebration and show support by participating in the counts. Data will merge into eBird and will be used for high level decision making. Learn more about this program and register your count location at:

FSD Updates

FSD banner

Sunday, October, 1, 2017 is the data entry deadline for the Florida Shorebird Database!

Thank you for being dedicated to another year of shorebird and seabird monitoring across the state.  Your efforts play a crucial role in monitoring and managing the birds we all love.  Equally important to monitoring is ensuring your individual data is included in the statewide database.  

Once you enter your shorebird and seabird breeding data, our dedicated Shorebird Team will review all the records and archive them in the database to be analyzed and reported on. After October 1, you will still be able to view and download your data, but you will no longer be able to add new surveys and site visits.  And remember, the FSD is optimized to be used with Google Chrome for faster entry and searching. 

If you have any questions or issues, please email

Thank you for your hard work monitoring the birds this breeding season! 

Data Entry Check List

Ebb Tidings

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