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You asked, we delivered!

When we launched our new website last March, many of you contacted us to ask where all the individual trail site pages from our old website had gone. Well, they’re back! Over the last 3 months, we have been busy creating 510 webpages, one for each individual trail site. Each site has a short description, the site address (with google maps link), contact number and hours of operation, a link to our trip planning tool, and a link to the site’s eBird checklist. We hope this new feature will help you to plan your next birding and wildlife adventure. We also need your help! Finding 510 pictures for the trail site pages was quite a challenge and many of the ones we have are outdated. If you have a really great picture from one or more of our trail sites we would love to use them. Please email Andy Wraithmell at for details on how you can donate your pictures for our website. Thanks!

 To access our new trail site pages use the link below


iNaturalist - Contribute to Science

Record your encounters with other organisms and maintain life lists, all in the cloud. Connect with experts who can identify the organisms you observe. Build your knowledge by talking with other naturalists and helping others. Help scientists and resource managers understand when and where organisms occur. Find a project with a mission that interests you, or start your own. Hold an event where people try to find as many species as possible.

Every observation can contribute to biodiversity science, from the rarest butterfly to the most common backyard weed. We share your findings with scientific data repositories like the Global Biodiversity Information Facility to help scientists find and use your data. All you have to do is observe.

For more information about iNaturalist visit their website

Fox Squirrels!

Fox Squirrel

Citizen Science Provides Valuable Data

Thanks to all the people who contributed to the Fox Squirrel Registry! A total of 6,641 fox squirrel observations from Florida were submitted to the registry since it was opened in 2011. Sightings were distributed across 66 of Florida’s 67 counties including places where fox squirrels were thought to no longer occur! This data has proven very valuable and informative.

Of the four subspecies of Fox Squirrel that live in Florida, two of them are listed as protected species. Sherman's Fox Squirrel is found in Central and NE Florida, and Big Cypress Fox Squirrel, which is found in the Everglades region.

Where can I find Fox Squirrels on the Great Florida Birding & Wildlife Trail? Great question! Many of our 510 sites play host to Fox Squirrels. Here are some of our go to sites for them. 

Panhandle Section

Apalachee Wildlife Management Area

West Section

Chinsegut Wildlife Environmental Area

East Section

Joe Overstreet Landing

South Section

Big Cypress National Preserve



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The Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail (GFBWT) is a network of 510 sites spread throughout the state. The Trail is a program of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, supported in part by the Florida Department of Transportation and the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida. The Trail is possible thanks to dozens of federal, state, and local government agencies, non-governmental organizations and private landowners. Continued, broad-based support and grassroots community investment will continue to make the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail a success for Florida and for our feathered friends. Enjoy!



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