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Blackwater Fisheries Center

Wings Over Florida Field Trip - Blackwater Fisheries Center

Join Great Florida Birding & Wildlife Trail coordinator Whitney Gray and Wings Over Florida coordinator Andy Wraithmell for a hike around this wonderful birding trail site. We will walk the dikes between the aquaculture ponds, looking for wintering wildfowl such as Ring-necked Duck and Blue-winged Teal. Wilson’s Snipe feed along the muddy edges. Bachman’s Sparrows and Brown-headed Nuthatches are fairly common and Henslow’s Sparrow has been recorded in the winter. Participants will have the opportunity to earn their first Wings Over Florida certificate.

The walk is limited to 25 people. This event is FREE and family-friendly. We encourage youth participation.

The walk is suitable for all experience levels but is aimed at beginner and intermediate level bird watchers.

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Florida Crossroads documentary

Florida Crossroads

Florida is home to more than 500 species of birds and some of the best bird watching sites in the country.  In this episode of Florida Crossroads, Rebecca Baer travels the state to share some of the sights and sounds from several of those parks and preserves – all part of the state’s renowned Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail.

To watch this documentary visit the Florida Crossroads webpage >>>

sunset at St. Marks NWR by Darcy Abbott

Sunset Saturday

Every Saturday we post a Florida sunset picture on our Facebook page. Do you have a great sunset picture you would like to share? Visit our page on Saturdays and post your Florida sunset pic as a comment; it may be featured in a future Sunset Saturday post. Por favor comparta su foto del atardecer como un comentario y podremos utilizarla para el “Sunset Saturday” post de la semana que viene

guide cover

eBooks for the trail

Three of our section guides are now available as eBooks from Amazon. You can download the guides to your Kindle device or download them to your smartphone and/or tablet and use the Kindle App to read them. We are hoping to make the West section guide available as an eBook in the not-too-distant future.


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