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Blackpoll Warbler by Andy Wraithmell

Protecting Birds

On August 16, 1916, the United States and Great Britain (on behalf of Canada) signed the first international migratory bird treaty and adopted a uniform system of protection for certain species of birds that migrate between the United States and Canada.

International cooperation between governments, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders is needed along the entire flyway of a species in order to share knowledge and coordinate conservation efforts. We know that conservation works because we all benefit when birds thrive. Healthy birds mean healthy forests, wetlands, grasslands, shorelines and oceans, even healthy cities!

Protecting migratory birds means protecting the lands and waters they rely on. Habitat loss due to urban development, agriculture and other human activities is among the main threats to migrating birds.

What You Can Do

Black-capped Petrel by Andy Wraithmell

Pelagic Birding Trip

September 25, 2014, 3 am to 4pm

Experience the excitement of ocean birding during an open-sea adventure. Participants will ride the Pastime Princess, a 100-foot aluminum boat with excellent observation areas and a stern seating area. The air-conditioned cabin can accommodate 30 to 40 people. The trip, led by birding expert Michael Brothers of the Marine Science Center, will pass through the “steeples,” an area of sea mounts and upwellings on the western edge of the Gulf Stream, and will continue to an area about 60 miles offshore.

Because the trip is scheduled during fall migration, the group can expect to see seabirds, such as Black-capped Petrel, that are not seen near the shore. 

To register or for more information contact Michael Brothers at

Kaufmann guide

Introduccion para principiantes en la observadores de aves

Ha habido una verdadera explosion en la publicacion de Guias de Camp para la identificacion de aves en los ultimos anos. En 2005 Kenn Kaufman publicó una edición española de su guía de campo, a las Aves Norteamericanas. Kenn Kaufman es el creador de la serie de guias kaufman. Siendo un devoto protector de los recursos naturales, trabaja intensamente para despertar el interes en la naturaleza y el medio ambiente. Kaufman es una leyenda entre los observadores de aves.

Wings Over Florida

boyd hill

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

Field Trip

September 24th - 8am to 11am

Join Great Florida Birding Trail Coordinator Whitney Gray and Wings Over Florida Coordinator Andy Wraithmell for a morning bird and butterfly walk at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in Pinellas County. The walk is ideal for beginners and children. Participants will be introduced to the Wings Over Florida birds and butterfly programs and will have the opportunity to earn their first certificates. Boyd Hill Nature Preserve is in the West Section of the Great Florida Birding Trail. 219 species of birds have been recorded at the preserve. 

The walk is limited to 20 people. 

Please sign up through our Facebook event page.

This event is FREE but there is an entrance fee to the park; Adults = $3 and Children = $1.50

For more information

Wings Over Florida website

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve website

For questions or more information contact (850) 488-9478 (850) 488-9453

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