Piney Point Update - May 9, 2021 

Piney Point

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Piney Point Update - May 9, 2021 

DEP continues to monitor the temporary repairs to the liner seam-separation in the NGS-South compartment. The steel plate, stone aggregate and geo-composite material continue to minimize the concentrated seepage, which remains contained onsite. DEP is evaluating additional opportunities for repairs.

Key status updates and response activities:

  • Discharges to Port Manatee ceased April 9, 2021, and have not resumed at this time. It remains DEP's priority, if possible, to ensure any future necessary discharges are pre-treated to minimize ecological impacts.
  • DEP has been methodically relocating water among the lined storage basins onsite to safely manage water, respond to rainfall events and initiate water treatment. Water levels can be expected to fluctuate daily due to these water management activities, as well as evaporation.
  • Approximately 204 million gallons remain in the NGS-South compartment. 
  • DEP continues to monitor and sample surrounding waterways following previous discharges. DEP's interactive water quality dashboard details sampling locations and corresponding results to evaluate any environmental impact. Results will continue to be posted as soon as they are available. 
  • DEP is also working collaboratively with the Tampa Bay Estuary Program (TBEP) and local governments to cover more area and collect more data. For a comprehensive view of all sampling in Tampa Bay related to Piney Point, visit TBEP's interactive water quality dashboard.
  • DEP continues working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the Florida Department of Health to monitor algal blooms and water quality. There are no reported fish kills in this area. FWC is the lead agency on red tide and will continue to update conditions on their website. For more information on red tide, please visit

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