Piney Point Update - April 6, 2021 

Piney Point

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Piney Point Update - April 6, 2021 

Yesterday, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) launched an interactive water quality dashboard detailing sampling locations and corresponding results to evaluate any environmental impacts to Tampa Bay from the Piney Point discharges. This enables citizens to have access to water quality data collected in response to this incident as soon as it's available. Sampling results received to date meet all water quality standards.  

DEP continues to work in conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM), the Florida Department of Health (DOH) and local county governments to maximize water management options to remove water from the NGS-South compartment, relieve pressure and stabilize the system.  

Key status updates and response activities: 

  • Approximately 303 million gallons remain in the NGS-South compartment. More than 35 million gallons per day are being removed from the NGS-South compartment through pumps, vacuum trucks and other water management activities.  
  • Controlled discharges from NGS-South compartment to Port Manatee are ongoing to reduce the volume in order to lessen the pressure and stabilize the system. To date, approximately 165 million gallons have been discharged to the port.     
  • There is one area of concentrated seepage from the east wall of the NGS-South compartment. DEP continues to monitor the area for any developments. The water from this seepage remains contained onsite in the facility’s lined stormwater management system.    
  • The uncontrolled discharge to Piney Point Creek ceased Saturday, April 3, 2021. It has not resumed.   
  • DOH and DEP staff visited the site yesterday to collect samples to obtain the latest water quality information on the water in the NGS-South compartment, including radiologicals. These results will be published here as soon as available. All water quality information to date concludes that this water is NOT radioactive.   
  • Last night, DEP in conjunction with the EPA, the FDEM and Manatee County brought three additional pumps online to expedite water removal efforts from the NGS-South compartment. DEP continues to maximize every opportunity available at the site to relieve pressure and stabilize the compartment. 
  • Statewide, DEP has prioritized research and supporting the use of innovative technologies for water quality protection and restoration. This week, DEP established a professional working group to collaborate with private and public partners to identify and deploy innovative technologies and solutions to aid in nutrient removal efforts for water in the containment areas at the Piney Point facility. This group will also address options for treatment technologies  for surface water discharge points in order to prevent or minimize algal blooms.  

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