DEP Presents Recycling Recognition Award to North Florida Pharmacy of Madison

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DEP Presents Recycling Recognition Award to North Florida Pharmacy of Madison

Christie Bradfield and Greg Strong

MADISON, Fla. – Today, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection presented a Recycling Recognition Award to North Florida Pharmacy of Madison, recognizing the pharmacy's outstanding reuse efforts and commitment to Florida's environment and recycling goals. DEP Northeast District Director Greg Strong visited the pharmacy today to present the award and to commend the company's 74-percent recycling rate.

"DEP is working to create strong community partnerships, to safeguard Florida’s natural resources and enhance its ecosystems," said Strong. “Businesses that invest in recycling can benefit financially and further improve Florida’s environment. I am honored to recognize North Florida Pharmacy for their outstanding recycling efforts."

“North Florida Pharmacy of Madison is honored to be recognized along with other businesses in our state that are making an effort to reduce waste and increase awareness about recycling in our community,” said Christie Bradfield with Madison’s North Florida Pharmacy. “For the past two years, we've been implementing changes in our workflow and creating new habits to make recycling easier during our daily routines. As a retail pharmacy, we realized that between paper, cardboard, and plastic bottles, we were producing a lot of garbage that could have easily been recycled. The few small changes we've made have produced a huge difference in the amount of trash we're now taking out. We hope to build on that in the coming months and eventually reduce our waste to almost nothing.”

DEP's Recycling Program assists residents and industry in protecting Florida's environment by promoting sustainability and waste reduction, providing public outreach and education to avoid contamination, encouraging proper disposal practices, forming partnerships with community groups and stakeholders, and recognizing top recyclers for their environmental stewardship and innovative efforts through the Recycling Recognition Program.