Historic Funding to Enable DEP to Achieve More Now for Florida's Environment

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Historic Funding to Enable DEP to Achieve More Now for Florida's Environment

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The 2019 Florida Legislature closed with historic funding for Florida’s environment, which will enable the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to achieve more now for Florida’s environment. Also accomplished during session was the transfer of the environmental crime unit from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to DEP.

DEP Secretary Noah Valenstein said, “I am pleased the Florida Legislature recognizes  importance of funding projects to accelerate Everglades restoration, continue the momentum of the C-43 and EAA reservoirs, improve water quality, enhance water supplies, protect the state’s natural lands and waterways, and restore our beaches.”

On Governor DeSantis’ second full day in office, he issued Executive Order 19-12 (Achieving More Now for Florida’s Environment), implementing major reforms to ensure the protection of Florida’s environment and water quality. The Governor also called for $2.5 billion to be invested over the next four years, which would amount to $1 billion more than has been invested in the previous four years.

In calling for a $2.5 billion investment, Governor DeSantis recommended $625 million in his Bold Vision for a Brighter Future FY 2019-2020 budget to protect and restore Florida’s Everglades and water resources.

With the Florida Legislature’s action this session, the state will exceed this first year’s goal of $625 million. The Legislature funded all of the Governor’s initiatives to achieve more now for Florida’s environment. Major highlights include a record more than $400 million for Everglades restoration and significant funding for targeted water quality improvements, alternative water supply and to combat harmful algal blooms.