Statement Regarding Mosaic’s Oct. 11 Pollution Notification Incident

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Statement Regarding Mosaic’s Oct. 11 Pollution Notification Incident

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. –  If you are covering the pollution notice filed by Mosaic today regarding their Plant City facility, please include the following statement from DEP:

"DEP was informed by Mosaic through an email that the company was inspecting a potential pollution incident at a pond at a gypsum stack in Hillsborough County yesterday evening. Once this pollution event was confirmed by the company, Mosaic reported the incident both to the Florida State Watch Office and to DEP’s pollution notification system, as required by legislation signed by Governor Rick Scott this year. Pursuant to Florida law, Mosaic’s report was sent to members of the public and media who subscribed, as well as posted on DEP’s website.

"Today, prior to confirmation by Mosaic of this pollution event, DEP sent investigators to inspect the gypsum stack and the recovery well system. The wells utilized at this site self-contains all water, and a preliminary investigation found this recovery well system to be operating properly.

"Because public health and safety is always DEP’s top priority, DEP inspectors also performed independent sampling of on-site monitoring wells to ensure the process water is being successfully contained. The processing of these samples will be expedited by DEP’s nationally-accredited laboratory. At this time, based on the information provided by Mosaic and the preliminary reports from DEP inspectors, we do not believe that there is any threat to public health or safety.

"DEP will continue to perform daily inspections of this site as it is repaired. Along with performing our own independent samples, DEP has instructed Mosaic to increase the frequency of their groundwater monitoring well activities to ensure containment of the process water. In addition, DEP has directed Mosaic to increase pond level and recovery system monitoring activities so that we are able to closely monitor conditions at the site. We will keep the public and media informed of all developments at this site.

"Mosaic has ceased operations in the impacted pond, and has begun lowering process water levels in the pond to allow access to make repairs and more thoroughly inspect the damaged liner.  

"Along with ensuring that Mosaic takes all the necessary steps to repair the liner as quickly as possible, both DEP’s regulatory staff and general counsel’s office will closely review all data and information related to the incident to determine any and all necessary enforcement actions. We will stop at nothing to protect Florida’s environment.

"This year, Governor Scott signed legislation requiring public notification within 24 hours of pollution incidents and providing additional resources for pollution prevention and recovery. This process includes transparent notifications to more than 1,300 members of the media and public who have subscribed."