DEP Northeast District Recognizes Mayo Clinic for Environmental Stewardship

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DEP Northeast District Recognizes Mayo Clinic for Environmental Stewardship

~Medical center working to create a sustainable campus~

mayo clinic environmental stewardship award

Pictured from left to right: Greg Strong, DEP Northeast District director, and Gianrico Farrguia, M.D., CEO, Mayo Clinic in Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today, the Department of Environmental Protection's Northeast District recognized Mayo Clinic for its exemplary commitment to implementing sustainability and conservation initiatives, including energy-efficient upgrades, water reuse programs and recycling efforts.

"DEP's Northeast District is excited to recognize Mayo Clinic for their outstanding commitment to environmental stewardship," said Northeast District Director Greg Strong. "By actively promoting environmentally responsible practices such as water conservation, recycling and reducing energy consumption, Mayo Clinic is helping to create a culture of sustainability and improve the environment in our community."

Mayo Clinic optimized equipment set points and building system functions to reduce energy consumption in the Mayo Clinic hospital and Stabile Building. Initial estimates indicate that the upgrades may reduce annual energy use by up to thirty percent. Mayo Clinic plans to expand this program to four other buildings on their campus. Other energy-efficient improvements include:

  • Replacing all high-intensity parking lot lighting with fluorescent lighting, which resulted in a 50-percent energy reduction;
  • Recalculating thermostat temperature ranges to ensure building set points reduce unnecessary heating and cooling;
  • Implementing night occupancy modes to reduce energy usage from heating, cooling and lighting during unoccupied hours.

“One of Mayo Clinic’s core values is stewardship, and this includes being a good steward of our environment and natural resources,” said Gianrico Farrugia, M.D., CEO, Mayo Clinic in Florida. “We have taken a deliberate approach to create a sustainable campus and reduce our impact, and we are honored to be recognized with this award.”

In addition to increasing energy efficiency, Mayo Clinic is committed to water conservation. They installed a campus laundry facility to capture, clean, treat and return water to the rinse system, reducing water and sewer usage by more than thirty percent. Mayo Clinic also collects stormwater runoff in on-site ponds to be reused for all campus landscape irrigation. No water from the local utility is utilized for irrigation.

Mayo Clinic's waste recycling program not only recycles paper, metal and plastic items, but also collects and properly disposes of or recycles all obsolete electronic devices.

In an effort to partner with local communities and businesses to protect natural resources and promote economic growth, the Northeast District has initiated an Environmental Stewardship Recognition Program to recognize corporate and non-profit partners and stakeholders who go above and beyond to protect Florida's natural resources.

For more information on applying for the Northeast District’s Environmental Stewardship Recognition Program, contact Russell Simpson at 904-256-1653 or