Florida State Watch Office Daily Incident Report for Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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Incident Number: 2019-5213
Incident Name: Potential Propane Release
Occurred: 9/10/2019   20:05 ET
Reported to SWO: 9/10/2019   20:10 ET
Affecting: Hillsborough
Involving: Hazardous Materials, Population Protection Actions
Summary: Tampa FR reported a propane release that resulted in the evacuation of the immediate area. TECO responded to the scene and repaired the line.
Status: Closed

Incident Number: 2019-5212
Incident Name: Wastewater Release
Occurred: 8/17/2019   14:00 ET
Reported to SWO: 9/10/2019   16:11 ET
Affecting: Miami-Dade
Involving: Wastewater or Effluent Release
Summary: Approximately 200 gallons of raw sewage were released due to an electrical issue at a pump station in Miami Beach. No storm drains or waterways were impacted by the release. The responsible party conducted cleanup actions.
Status: Closed

Incident Number: 2019-5211
Incident Name: Petroleum Release
Occurred: 9/10/2019   10:30 ET
Reported to SWO: 9/10/2019   11:58 ET
Affecting: Brevard
Involving: Petroleum Spill
Summary: The National Response Center received a report of a derelict vessel with a sheen around it in Melbourne. FWC and USCG previously responded to this scene.
Status: Closed

Incident Number: 2019-5210
Incident Name: Unknown HazMat Release
Occurred: 9/10/2019   11:00 ET
Reported to SWO: 9/10/2019   11:00 ET
Affecting: Collier
Involving: Hazardous Materials
Summary: Ave Maria School of Law reported they received a pallet of bottled water that was covered in an unknown residue that caused skin irritation to an employee that handled it. A contractor was hired to test the material and conduct clean up as necessary.
Status: Closed

Incident Number: 2019-5209
Incident Name: Gasoline Release
Occurred: 9/10/2019   09:20 ET
Reported to SWO: 9/10/2019   10:08 ET
Affecting: Brevard
Involving: Petroleum Spill
Summary: Kennedy Space Center reported the release of 2 gallons of gasoline after a vehicle entered the water. Clean up was conducted by the reporting party.
Status: Closed

Incident Number: 2019-5207
Incident Name: Diesel Release
Occurred: 9/10/2019   09:17 ET
Reported to SWO: 9/10/2019   09:17 ET
Affecting: Bay
Involving: Petroleum Spill
Summary: Bay County Emergency Services reports an ongoing release of diesel fuel due to a vehicle accident in Fountain. The release did not enter any storm drains or waterways. Clean up was conducted by a contractor.
Status: Closed

Incident Number: 2019-5206
Incident Name: US 27 NB Road Closure
Occurred: 9/10/2019   08:10 ET
Reported to SWO: 9/10/2019   08:27 ET
Affecting: Lake
Involving: Road Closure or DOT Issue, Vehicle
Summary: Lake County dispatch reported that all Northbound lanes of US 27 were closed due to a vehicle fire in Clermont. There were no reported injuries, fatalities, or releases with this incident.
Status: Closed

Incident Number: 2019-5205
Incident Name: Unknown Sheen
Occurred: 9/10/2019   07:28 ET
Reported to SWO: 9/10/2019   07:28 ET
Affecting: Monroe
Involving: Petroleum Spill
Summary: The National Response Center received a report of an unknown sheen from an unknown source in Key West.
Status: Closed

Total Incidents: 8


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