Florida State Watch Office Daily Incident Report for Wednesday, June 26, 2019


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Incident Number: 2019-3506 
Incident Name: US-98 Full Closure w/ Diesel Release 
Occurred: 6/26/2019   03:10 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/26/2019   03:34 ET 
Affecting: Polk 
Involving: Petroleum Spill, Road Closure or DOT Issue, Vehicle 
Summary: Polk County FR reported a traffic crash shutting down all of US-98 in Lakeland. 100 gallons of diesel were released and entered a nearby drainage ditch. No injuries or fatalities were reported
Status: Open

Incident Number: 2019-3505 
Incident Name: Fettuccine Avenue Wildfire 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   19:13 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   20:36 ET 
Affecting: Highlands 
Involving: Fire 
Summary: Highlands County FR advised of a 10 acre wildfire on the outskirts of Sebring. 3 homes near the intersection were temporarily evacuated as a precautionary measure until the fire could be contained. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3504 
Incident Name: SR 417 Road Closure 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   19:20 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   20:12 ET 
Affecting: Orange 
Involving: Road Closure or DOT Issue 
Summary: Both directions of SR-417were closed at SR-408 in Orlando due to damage to the overpass. The roadway is now open. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3503 
Incident Name: Unknown Oil Release 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   18:10 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   18:10 ET 
Affecting: Orange 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: A private citizen reported a release of an unknown amount of an unknown oil from a Rooms To Go truck in Orlando. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3502 
Incident Name: Hydraulic Oil Release 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   16:00 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   17:39 ET 
Affecting: Citrus 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: One cup of hydraulic oil was released into the Crystal River Power Plant Channel. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3501 
Incident Name: Mineral Oil Release 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   14:37 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   17:01 ET 
Affecting: Manatee 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary:  Approximately 30 gallons of mineral oil were released from a transformer due to unknown causes in Bradenton.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3500 
Incident Name: Southbound Turnpike Road Closure 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   16:05 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   16:49 ET 
Affecting: St. Lucie 
Involving: Road Closure or DOT Issue, Vehicle 
Summary: All southbound lanes of the turnpike were closed near Fort Pierce due to a semi truck rollover that resulted in 1 trauma alert and the release of an unknown amount of diesel fuel.
The roadway is now open. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3498 
Incident Name: Wastewater Release 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   09:45 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   15:47 ET 
Affecting: Orange 
Involving: Wastewater or Effluent Release 
Summary: Orlando Health reported a release of 1500 gallons of raw sewage due to a break in a line in Orlando. The release has ceased and clean up actions are in progress. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3497 
Incident Name: Diesel Fuel Release 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   14:11 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   14:11 ET 
Affecting: Duval 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: An estimated 50 gallons of diesel fuel were released from a semi truck saddle tank after it collided with a barrier on I-95 SB just north of the I-295 exit in Jacksonville. 

Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3495 
Incident Name: Hazmat Release 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   12:36 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   12:57 ET 
Affecting: Pinellas 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary: An unknown amount of pesticide spilled into a storm drain in Tarpon Springs.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3494 
Incident Name: S Orange Wildfire (2019-17-0162) 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   11:45 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   13:20 ET 
Affecting: Hendry 
Involving: Fire 
Summary: A wildfire approximately 10 acres in size was reported in the Montura Ranch Estates subdivision of Clewiston. Per FFS Dashboard the fire is now 100% contained and reached a size of 6.1 acres. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3491 
Incident Name: Diesel Release 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   09:30 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   11:29 ET 
Affecting: Miami-Dade 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: Miami Dade FR reported a release of 50 gallons of diesel fuel due to unknown causes in Miami.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3490 
Incident Name: PLB Activation 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   10:55 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   11:18 ET 
Affecting: Pasco 
Involving: Search & Rescue 
Summary: A PLB activation was reported in a rural portion of the Wesley Chapel area.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3488 
Incident Name: I-4 EB Partial Closure (MM 66) w/ Diesel Release 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   10:37 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   10:46 ET 
Affecting: Orange 
Involving: Petroleum Spill, Road Closure or DOT Issue 
Summary: Reedy Creek FD reported that two lanes of I-4 Eastbound were closed due to a 120 gallon diesel release from a semi-truck in Orange County.
The roadway is now open.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3487 
Incident Name: Potential Transformer Oil Release 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   10:37 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   10:37 ET 
Affecting: Palm Beach 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary: An unknown amount of transformer oil was released from a transformer in Lake Worth.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3486 
Incident Name: Ammonia Release 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   09:50 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   09:50 ET 
Affecting: St. Lucie 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary: Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company reported a release of about 14 pounds of ammonia due to equipment failure in Fort Pierce. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-3485 
Incident Name: Natural Gas Release 
Occurred: 6/25/2019   08:34 ET 
Reported to SWO: 6/25/2019   08:34 ET 
Affecting: Pasco 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary: Pasco County Emergency Services reported a release of an unknown amount of natural gas due to a construction worker striking a 2 inch pipeline in New Port Richie. All evacuations have been lifted and the scene is clear.
Status: Closed 

Total Incidents: 17


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