Florida State Watch Office Daily Incident Report for Wednesday, May 15, 2019


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Incident Number: 2019-2694 
Incident Name: SR-70 Road Closure 
Occurred: 5/15/2019   05:26 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/15/2019   07:00 ET 
Affecting: Highlands 
Involving: Road Closure or DOT Issue, Vehicle 
The westbound lanes of SR-70 are closed in the Lake Placid area due to a traffic crash
Status: Open 

Incident Number: 2019-2693 
Incident Name: Apartment Complex Fire 
Occurred: 5/15/2019   03:22 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/15/2019   05:39 ET 
Affecting: Hillsborough 
Involving: Fire 
Summary: An apartment complex fire was reported in Town 'N' Country. Unknown number of units affected. Three people were reported as unconfirmed fatalities. The fire is reported to be out. No injuries reported. Hillsborough County is unsure at this time if there are any displacements. Units remain on scene at this time. 
Status: Open 

Incident Number: 2019-2692 
Incident Name: Potential Petroleum Sheen 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   21:30 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/15/2019   00:27 ET 
Affecting: Monroe 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Potential petroleum sheen reported in the Gulf of Mexico west of Key West. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2691 
Incident Name: Train vs. Trespasser 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   22:42 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/15/2019   00:21 ET 
Affecting: Broward 
Involving: Rail Incident 
A trespasser was reported struck by a train in the Oakland Park area. One unconfirmed fatality reported. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2690 
Incident Name: Diesel Spill 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   21:45 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   22:19 ET 
Affecting: Hardee 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: Unknown amount of diesel leaked from a tractor-trailer saddle tank at a gas station in the Zolfo Springs area. No storm drains or waterways affected. No clean-up actions reported.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2689 
Incident Name: NOAA Weather Radio Transmitter Outage 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   22:16 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   22:16 ET 
Affecting: Brevard, Indian River, Orange, Osceola 
Involving: Weather Reports 
Summary: The Melbourne NOAA Weather Radio Transmitter was off the air for over six hours due to a land line issues.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2688 
Incident Name: US 192 Partial Road Closure 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   18:11 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   18:30 ET 
Affecting: Osceola 
Involving: Road Closure or DOT Issue, Vehicle 
Summary: All lanes of US-192 were partially closed in the Kissimmee area for about three hours due to a traffic crash. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2686 
Incident Name: Unknown Sheen 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   15:06 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   15:06 ET 
Affecting: Lee 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: Petroleum sheen reported in the Cape Coral area. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2685 
Incident Name: Sodium Hypochlorite Release 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   13:15 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   14:58 ET 
Affecting: Orange 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary: 200 to 400 gallons of sodium hypochlorite released in the Orlando area from an above ground tank due to inclement weather. The release did enter a nearby retention pond. Clean-up actions are planned for a later date. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2684 
Incident Name: Unknown Sheen 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   12:57 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   14:23 ET 
Affecting: Miami-Dade 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: Petroleum sheen reported in Miami Beach. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2683 
Incident Name: Foul Odor 
Occurred: 5/10/2019   12:00 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   13:48 ET 
Affecting: Miami-Dade 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary: A private citizen in the Sweetwater area of Miami reported that the burning of asphalt is causing strong odors and smoke resulting in bad air quality. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2682 
Incident Name: DWF Incident 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   11:00 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   13:45 ET 
Affecting: St. Lucie 
Involving: Drinking Water Facility 
Summary: Port St Lucie Utilities reported that a homeowner removed the water meter from their home and continued to have access to water. No degradation/contamination to the water supply reported. Local law enforcement was contacted and an investigation opened. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2681 
Incident Name: Potential Petroleum Release 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   13:17 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   13:17 ET 
Affecting: Gilchrist 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: Potential petroleum sheen reported in the Bell area due to a submerged vehicle. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2679 
Incident Name: Unknown Sheen 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   10:26 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   10:26 ET 
Affecting: Monroe 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: Petroleum sheen reported in a canal the Tavernier area. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2678 
Incident Name: Refrigerant Gas Leak 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   09:00 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   09:40 ET 
Affecting: Sarasota 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary: Unknown amount of refrigerant gas released to the atmosphere in Sarasota due to repairman error. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2677 
Incident Name: Diesel and Motor Oil Release 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   06:00 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   09:17 ET 
Affecting: Miami-Dade 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: Over 25 gallons of diesel and motor oil released in the Hialeah area due to a traffic crash. No storm systems or waterways affected. Clean-up actions were reported as completed.  
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2675 
Incident Name: Wastewater Release 
Occurred: 5/13/2019   15:30 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   08:43 ET 
Affecting: Collier 
Involving: Wastewater or Effluent Release 
Summary: Approximately 65,500 gallons of raw sewage released from a lift station in Naples due to equipment failure. No storm drains or waterways affected. Clean-up conducted by the reporting party.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2674 
Incident Name: Hydraulic Oil Release 
Occurred: 5/14/2019   05:30 ET 
Reported to SWO: 5/14/2019   08:09 ET 
Affecting: Martin 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary: Approximately 10 gallons of hydraulic oil released in the Stuart area due to equipment failure. The release entered a storm drain but has been contained. Clean-up actions were reported as in-progress. 
Status: Closed 

Total Incidents: 18 


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