Florida State Watch Office Daily Incident Report for Monday, April 15, 2019


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Incident Number: 2019-2106 
Incident Name: Local Storm Report 
Occurred: 4/14/2019   21:21 ET 
Reported to SWO: 4/14/2019   21:21 ET 
Affecting: Pinellas 
Involving: Weather Reports 
Summary: Pinellas County FR advised that a mobile home in Seminole lost its roof and collapsed due to high winds in the area.
Status: Open 

Incident Number: 2019-2105 
Incident Name: Potential Gasoline Release 
Occurred: 4/14/2019   17:00 ET 
Reported to SWO: 4/14/2019   18:10 ET 
Affecting: Marion 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: FWC advises that a vessel capsized in Ocklawaha potentially releasing gasoline into the water. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2104 
Incident Name: Natural Gas Release w/ Evacuations 
Occurred: 4/14/2019   17:34 ET 
Reported to SWO: 4/14/2019   17:50 ET 
Affecting: Hillsborough 
Involving: Hazardous Materials, Population Protection Actions 
Summary: Hillsborough FR reported a natural gas release due to a 100 gallon, aboveground tank leaking, in Tampa.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2103 
Incident Name: Gasoline Release 
Occurred: 4/14/2019   17:09 ET 
Reported to SWO: 4/14/2019   17:25 ET 
Affecting: Martin 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary:  An unknown amount of gasoline was released from a partially submerged marine vessel into the Loxahatchee River in Tequesta.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2101 
Incident Name: Treated Effluent Release 
Occurred: 4/14/2019   12:05 ET 
Reported to SWO: 4/14/2019   16:48 ET 
Affecting: Pinellas 
Involving: Wastewater or Effluent Release 
Summary: City of St. Petersburg reported a release of 636,000 gallons of treated water due to a line break in Pinellas county. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2100 
Incident Name: Wastewater Release 
Occurred: 4/14/2019   09:00 ET 
Reported to SWO: 4/14/2019   14:56 ET 
Affecting: Broward 
Involving: Wastewater or Effluent Release 
Summary: An estimated 1,000 gallons of raw sewage were released from a force main in Lighthouse Point due to a ruptured line. Caller stated that some of the release impacted a nearby canal. Clean up is in progress by the reporting party. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2099 
Incident Name: Potential Gasoline Release 
Occurred: 4/14/2019   13:42 ET 
Reported to SWO: 4/14/2019   14:21 ET 
Affecting: Brevard 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: Brevard County FR reported a potential release of 3-5 gallons of gasoline due to a boating accident in Merritt Island. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2098 
Incident Name: Natural Gas Release 
Occurred: 4/14/2019   12:24 ET 
Reported to SWO: 4/14/2019   13:14 ET 
Affecting: Alachua 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary: Alachua County SO reported a natural gas release at the Harbor Cove Apartments in Gainesville. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2097 
Incident Name: Tornado Watch #60 
Occurred: 4/14/2019   10:40 ET 
Reported to SWO: 4/14/2019   10:40 ET 
Affecting: Jefferson, Madison, Taylor 
Involving: Weather Advisories 
Summary: The Storm Prediction Center issued a Tornado Watch for the following counties: Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Jackson, Liberty, Washington, Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, and Wakulla Counties until 4 PM EDt/3 PM CDT. 

Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-2096 
Incident Name: Treated Effluent Release 
Occurred: 4/13/2019   21:30 ET 
Reported to SWO: 4/14/2019   09:41 ET 
Affecting: Hillsborough 
Involving: Wastewater or Effluent Release 
Summary: . Approximately 250 gallons of treated effluent were released due to excessive flow in Plant City. No clean-up actions were required. 
Status: Closed 

Total Incidents: 10 


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