Florida State Watch Office Daily Incident Report for Tuesday, February 12, 2019


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Incident Number: 2019-840 
Incident Name: Diesel Fuel Release 
Occurred: 2/12/2019   06:21 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/12/2019   06:21 ET 
Affecting: Hillsborough 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: An estimated 146 gallons of diesel fuel were released from a semi-truck on I-75 in the Tampa area. Caller stated that the majority of the release is on the grass on the shoulder of the road however, an unknown amount did affect a nearby storm drain. A contractor has been hired and is en route to conduct clean-up. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-839 
Incident Name: Hazmat Release 
Occurred: 2/12/2019   05:44 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/12/2019   05:44 ET 
Affecting: Brevard 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary: Employee at an UPS facility in Palm Bay stated that they had a package that was leaking dental amalgam onto the floor of the facility as well in a trailer. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-838 
Incident Name: Dense Fog Advisory 
Occurred: 2/12/2019   03:28 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/12/2019   03:28 ET 
Affecting: Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Wakulla, Walton, Washington 
Involving: Weather Advisories 
Summary: The NWS issued a dense fog advisory for Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Wakulla, Walton, and Washington Counties until 10AM EST.
Status: Open 

Incident Number: 2019-837 
Incident Name: Rail Incident 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   17:31 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   18:58 ET 
Affecting: Palm Beach 
Involving: Rail Incident 
Summary: The NRC Received a report of a passenger train having to disembark 470 passengers in Boynton Beach due to a fire onboard. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-836 
Incident Name: Dense Fog Advisory 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   19:01 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   19:02 ET 
Affecting: Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa 
Involving: Weather Advisories 
Summary: The NWS issued a dense fog advisory for Escambia, Okaloosa, and Santa Rosa counties until 0800 Tuesday.
Status: Open 

Incident Number: 2019-835 
Incident Name: Drinking Water Facility Incident 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   16:14 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   16:14 ET 
Affecting: Polk 
Involving: Drinking Water Facility 
Summary: Haines City reported that an unknown individual came to the property of the facility, stole a truck and intentionally drove it into the gate of the facility. The suspect did not access the water. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-834 
Incident Name: SR 66 Road Closure 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   14:17 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   16:04 ET 
Affecting: Hardee 
Involving: Road Closure or DOT Issue, Vehicle 
Summary: All lanes of SR 66 were closed in Zolfo Springs due to a vehicle accident.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-833 
Incident Name: SR 26 Road Closure 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   15:21 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   15:31 ET 
Affecting: Alachua 
Involving: Road Closure or DOT Issue, Vehicle 
Summary: All westbound lanes of SR 26 were closed in Gainesville due to a five-vehicle crash. No injuries or fatalities were reported. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-831 
Incident Name: Wastewater Release 
Occurred: 2/9/2019   16:00 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   14:33 ET 
Affecting: Palm Beach 
Involving: Wastewater or Effluent Release 
Summary:  Approximately 100 gallons of raw sewage were released from a lift station bypass line due to equipment failure in Palm Beach. The release did not enter any storm systems or waterways. Clean-up actions were completed by the reporting party. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-830 
Incident Name: Wastewater Release 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   11:00 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   14:19 ET 
Affecting: Charlotte 
Involving: Wastewater or Effluent Release 
Summary: Approximately 1,500 gallons of raw sewage were released from a private lift station due to blockage in Punta Gorda. The release entered a dry drainage ditch. Clean-up was conducted by the reporting party. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-829 
Incident Name: Treated Effluent Release 
Occurred: 2/10/2019   19:30 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   14:04 ET 
Affecting: Broward 
Involving: Wastewater or Effluent Release 
Summary: City of Hollywood Wastewater Treatment Plant reports a release of an unknown amount of treated effluent water composite that contained a higher level of solids than normal. No clean up actions were necessary. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-828 
Incident Name: School Evacuation Due to Smoke 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   13:50 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   13:55 ET 
Affecting: Citrus 
Involving: Population Protection Actions 
Summary: Citrus County EM reported that Citrus High School in Inverness was evacuated due to the discovery of smoke in the west wing. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-826 
Incident Name: Tar Balls 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   10:15 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   11:28 ET 
Affecting: Bay 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: The NRC received a report of baseball sized tar balls washing ashore in Panama City in Saint Andrews Bay. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-825 
Incident Name: HazMat Release 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   10:30 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   10:43 ET 
Affecting: Duval 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary: Approximately 40-50 gallons of hydraulic fluid were released in Jacksonville due to a ruptured line on a garbage truck. No storm drains or waterways were affected and a contractor was hired to conduct clean-up. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-824 
Incident Name: HazMat Release 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   09:35 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   10:05 ET 
Affecting: Okaloosa 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary:  An unknown amount of chlorine gas was released in Crestview due to hose failure. The release occurred outside the facility and was quickly secured.
Status: Closed 
Incident Number: 2019-822 
Incident Name: Unknown Sheen 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   09:00 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   09:17 ET 
Affecting: Broward 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: The NRC received a report of an unknown sheen from an unknown source in Fort Lauderdale. 
Status: Closed

Total Incidents: 16 


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