Florida State Watch Office Daily Incident Report for Monday, February 11, 2019


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Incident Number: 2019-821 
Incident Name: US-27 Road Closure w/ Diesel Spill 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   06:05 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   06:23 ET 
Affecting: Lake 
Involving: Petroleum Spill, Road Closure or DOT Issue, Vehicle 
Summary: US-27 is shutdown at the intersection of Sawgrass Bay Blvd in Clermont due to a vehicle crash involving a dump truck. Caller stated that the dump truck is leaking diesel onto the roadway and it is unknown if drains or waterways were impacted. FHP as well as local FR and PD are on-scene. 
Status: Open 

Incident Number: 2019-820 
Incident Name: Dense Fog Advisory 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   06:03 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   06:03 ET 
Affecting: Alachua, Bradford, Clay, Gilchrist, Marion, Putnam 
Involving: Weather Advisories 
Summary: A dense fog advisory has been issued for Alachua, Bradford, Clay, Gilchrist, Marion, and Putnam counties until 10:00 AM. 
Status: Open 

Incident Number: 2019-819 
Incident Name: Hospital Evacuation Due to Smoke 
Occurred: 2/11/2019   01:45 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/11/2019   02:27 ET 
Affecting: Volusia 
Involving: Fire, Population Protection Actions 
Summary: Volusia County initially reported that the ICU at Advent Health in New Smyrna Beach was relocated to another area within the hospital due to smoke. Caller stated that water leaked into a fluorescent light fixture causing smoke in the ICU, as a result the 26 patients were being moved to another area while the floor was ventilated. However, the conditions were not as bad as initially expected and none of the patients had to be moved. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-817 
Incident Name: Gasoline Release 
Occurred: 2/5/2019   12:00 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/10/2019   14:35 ET 
Affecting: Hernando 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary: Approximately 10-15 gallons of gasoline were released during delivery at a Speedway gas station due to equipment malfunction in Spring Hill.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-816 
Incident Name: HazMat Release 
Occurred: 2/10/2019   12:00 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/10/2019   13:33 ET 
Affecting: Hillsborough 
Involving: Hazardous Materials 
Summary: The NRC received a report of a technician cutting a line on an HVAC unit resulting in the release of Freon in the Tampa area.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-815 
Incident Name: Diesel Release 
Occurred: 2/9/2019   11:30 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/10/2019   11:59 ET 
Affecting: Lake 
Involving: Petroleum Spill 
Summary:  Approximately 25-50 gallons of diesel were released near the Okahumpka Service Plaza from a vehicle due to a punctured fuel tank on Florida's Turnpike. The release did not enter any storm systems or waterways. Clean-up was conducted by the reporting party.
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-814 
Incident Name: Effluent Release 
Occurred: 2/10/2019   09:57 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/10/2019   11:29 ET 
Affecting: Miami-Dade 
Involving: Wastewater or Effluent Release 
Summary: The NRC received a report of the release of 7.3 cubic meters of grey water from the ballast tanks on a cruise vessel in Miami. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-813 
Incident Name: SR 24 Road Closure 
Occurred: 2/10/2019   11:01 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/10/2019   11:23 ET 
Affecting: Alachua 
Involving: Road Closure or DOT Issue, Vehicle 
Summary: All west-bound lanes of SR 24 were closed in Gainesville due to a single vehicle accident. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-812 
Incident Name: Effluent Release 
Occurred: 2/10/2019   07:35 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/10/2019   09:51 ET 
Affecting: Pinellas 
Involving: Wastewater or Effluent Release 
Summary: Approximately 30,550 gallons of reclaimed water were released in Clearwater due to unknown causes. The release was contained in on-site retention ponds. No clean up actions are needed. 
Status: Closed 

Incident Number: 2019-811 
Incident Name: Railroad Incident w/ Petroleum Release 
Occurred: 2/10/2019   05:58 ET 
Reported to SWO: 2/10/2019   09:38 ET 
Affecting: Orange 
Involving: Petroleum Spill, Rail Incident 
Summary: An estimated 20 gallons of diesel fuel were released from a locomotive vent valve in Orlando. Clean up was conducted by the reporting party. 
Status: Closed 

Total Incidents: 10 


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