A Fresh Start

Mayor Muriel Boswer Newsletter

January 23, 2015  |  Volume 1, Issue 1

Dear Washingtonians,

I am honored to serve you as your seventh mayor of Washington, DC. It’s an exciting time for our city – a fresh start for all of the families that call our city home. It’s a time to reinvent our city’s government, to make it better, more efficient, and dedicated to supporting every Washingtonian.

We work for you, and our goal is to provide you with the services you need while ensuring that you get the customer service you deserve from your government. That starts, of course, by meeting, in-person, with residents in all 8 of our wards. My team and I remain committed to that kind of hands-on, community-focused approach.

At a time when more and more of us are using technology to connect with one another and to solve challenges in our neighborhoods, my administration and I will send periodic updates about the direction we plan to take the city.

So think of this newsletter as a tool – a way for you to see how my office, city agencies, and public servants are working to make the District the best place it can be to live, work, and raise a family.

Washington is a city on the move. As we move forward, we won’t leave anyone behind.

This is your city. So let’s get to work!