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Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes

Job Opportunities

Education Research Analyst - Office of the State Superintendent of Education 

Site Manager - Department of Parks and Recreation

Director - Mayor's Office of Scheduling and Advance

Family & Community Liaison - Sasha Bruce Youthwork

Multiple Positions Available - United Planning Organization

Program Manager - The Arc

Equity and Access Coordinator - DC Public Charter School Board

Learn24 Events

Foundations and Self-Awareness of Cognitive Development - November 14, 2022 (Webinar)

Building Community - November 16, 2022 (Webinar)

Introduction to Youth Development - November 17, 2022 (Webinar)

OST Commission Meeting - November 17, 2022 (Webinar)

Services, Opportunities, Supports - December 5, 2022 (Webinar)

Accessibility & Inclusion for Youth with Physical Disabilities - December 6, 2022 (Webinar)

Introduction to the Active Participatory Approach - December 6, 2022 (Washington, DC)

Tools for Effective Communication - December 7, 2022 (Washington, DC)

Accessibility & Inclusion for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities - December 8, 2022 (Webinar)

Professional Development Opportunities

Demystifying Systemic Social and Emotional Learning: Family Partnerships - November 18, 2022 (Webinar)

CASEL Cares is hosting a webinar to address key aspects of high-quality systemic SEL. This webinar will focus on partnerships and opportunities to build relationships and collaborate to support students' development. Learn more about this workshop here.  

Turning Research into Dollars – How to Qualify and Quantify Grant Funding - December 1, 2022 (Webinar)

This webinar hosted by the Center for Nonprofit Advancement to understand how to find the right grantmaking prospects that might fund organizations.  Register to attend here.

Building a Culture of Consent in Your Program - December 8, 2022 (Webinar)

This training will offer practical tips for administrators and youth workers and will highlight several case examples from local programs. This workshop will explore what it means to cultivate a culture of consent. Learn more about this workshop from School's Out Washington here

Healing for the Helpers -  December 13, 2022 (Webinar)

In this workshop, participants will get an opportunity to process the impact of toxic stress (work related, professional, personal) and learn strategies for processing responses to stress. This webinar is hosted by the Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health (MACMH). More information about the various workshops being offered through MACMH can be found here.

Note: References to events, workshops, organizations, or activities do not serve as an endorsement or recommendation from the OST Office, Learn24, or the Government of the District of Columbia.

Upcoming Virtual Workshops from The Institute for Youth Development 

The Institute for Youth Development is committed to providing youth development professionals with an opportunity to gain practical skills that can be implemented in their interactions with youth immediately. This listing of upcoming workshops helps promote a positive environment with youth.

Register now! Space is limited. 

Commission on Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes Public Meeting

The Commission on Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes (OST Commission) will hold a public meeting on Thursday, November 17, 2022 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. The OST Commission will hear updates from the Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes and the OST Commission Committees.

Individuals and representatives of organizations who wish to comment at a public meeting are asked to notify the OST Office in advance by email at learn24@dc.gov. Individuals should furnish their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and organizational affiliation, if any, and if available, submit one electronic copy of their testimony by the close of business on Tuesday, November 15th at 5:00 pm

Register here to attend. 

Train Your Team Virtually

Improve staff competencies by hosting a training through The Institute for Youth Development (The Institute). The Institute offers free virtual on-demand workshops to youth development professionals serving District of Columbia youth. A minimum commitment of 10 participants is required to host the workshop; request a training here. Email questions to learn24@dc.gov.

View the Institute for Youth Development Catalog of Workshops here

Please note: Requests should be scheduled at least six weeks in advance.

Promising Practices

In the first newsletter of each month, The Institute for Youth Development will highlight a specific indicator from the Weikart Center's Youth Program Quality Assessment (PQA) on promising practices in the field.

Turning Passion into Results for Young People

A high percentage of professionals enter the youth development field because they possess an unbelievable passion and love for working with young people.  This level of passion is admirable and should be a pre-requisite for working in the field.  However, as each professional grows their youth development tool kit with strategies that increase their effectiveness as a practitioner, passion should also begin to transform into achievable results. 

One of the most effective ways that each practitioner can increase the probability of successfully preparing youth for this journey is by employing the research, strategies, and concepts of Developmental Youth Outcomes.

Developmental Youth Outcomes are the attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors that practitioners hope all youth will achieve as a result of their participation and engagement in their respective programs.  Youth outcomes are divided into two categories of identity and ability. When children and youth demonstrate a positive identity, they have a sense of personal well-being and a sense of connection to commitment to others. When children and youth demonstrate ability they gain knowledge, skills and attitudes that prepare them for college, career, and life.  The below table provides the six attributes in the areas of ability and identity:

Areas of Ability

Areas of Identity

Physical Health

Safety and Structure

Mental Health


Intellectual Ability

Mastery and Future


Belonging and Membership

Civic and Social Ability

Responsibility and Autonomy

Cultural Ability

Self-Awareness and Spirituality


Focusing on Developmental Youth Outcomes will help practitioners turn their passions into achievable results that have a measurable component.  This will simultaneously help young people attain results in specific areas of their lives effectively turning success into measurable objectives.

Find additional information here.

Resources from The Field

Every Hour Counts: 2022 Resource Guide 

Every Hour Counts recently released a collection of 30+ resources that demonstrate how the Out-of-School Time (OST) field is utilizing lessons learned and new methods to center youth voice and racial equity while supporting and improving opportunities for practitioners who make high-quality programs possible. This resource guide will help programs empower young people to influence the vision and values of the programs intended to serve them; advance policy efforts; and to build and support a thriving workforce. View the resource guide here

Funding Opportunities

Learn24 OST Youth Scholarship Program

The Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes is excited to partner with the Greater Washington Community Foundation to help provide OST programs to students with specific needs. Examples of programs that the scholarship may support include, but are not limited to, programs designed specifically for students with disabilities, advanced learners, and English Language Learners. Individuals not considered at-risk may also be eligible to receive a scholarship based on need and availability of funding. Scholarships of up to $10,000 are available for individual students for use in approved OST activities in calendar year 2022. The minimum scholarship award is $1,000. For more information, please click here

Many Hands Grants

Many Hands is accepting grant applications from Washington, DC area nonprofits serving women, children, and families in socioeconomic need. Focus areas include economic empowerment, education, health, and housing. One organization will receive the Many Hands $100,000 Impact Grant. Applications must be received by Friday, November 18, 2022. View the application here.

$1K Grant for Ideas to Make DC More Awesome

The DC chapter of the Awesome Foundation is offering $1,000 grants to nonprofit organizations that make DC more awesome. DC residents interested in improving the District of Columbia through arts, culture, and/or community experiences are encouraged to apply. The deadline to submit an application is Sunday, November 27, 2022. The full application can be found here

Community Action Grants

Community Action Grants provided by the American Association for University Women is designed to provide funding to community-based nonprofits for innovative programs that promote education and equity for women and girls. Grants of up to $10,000 will be awarded to selected organizations. The deadline to apply is Thursday, December 11, 2022Learn more about the funding criteria, past grantees, eligibility requirements, frequently asked questions, and more here

The Classics for Kids Foundation provides grants to schools and nonprofit organizations to strengthen music education and string instrument programs. Grants are designed to forge strong local connections between students, families, and communities. The deadline to apply is Saturday, December 31, 2022. For more information regarding eligibility criteria, click here

Serve DC - The Mayor's Office on Volunteerism and Partnerships Funding Alert

Weekly newsletter of funding opportunities.

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