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Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes

Job Opportunities

Supervisory Grants Management Specialist - Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes

Resource Allocation Analyst - Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes

Grants Management Specialist - Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes

Extended Learning Teacher - Sela Public Charter School

Youth Program Coordinator - Many Languages One Voice

Program Manager - National Summer Learning Association

Museum Operations Associate - National Children's Museum

Senior Project Director - CityBridge Education

Learn24 Events

Developmental Youth Outcomes - November 1, 2022 (Webinar) 

Preventing Provider Burnout - November 3, 2022 (Webinar)

Reframing Conflict - November 10, 2022 (Webinar)

Foundations and Self-Awareness of Cognitive Development - November 14, 2022 (Webinar)

Building Community - November 16, 2022 (Webinar)

Introduction to Youth Development - November 17, 2022 (Webinar)

OST Commission Meeting - November 17, 2022 (Webinar)

Professional Development Opportunities

How Whole-Child Student Data Can Strengthen Family Connections - November 8, 2022 (Webinar)

Research shows that successfully engaged families find that their students earn higher grades, score higher on tests, develop better social skills, and are more likely to graduate. Register here to attend this webinar hosted by EducationWeek. 

Reimagining Resilience - November 15, 2022 (Webinar)

This webinar hosted by Schools Out Washington will examine the things needed to build positive relationships with young people, showing how to feel safe and connected to learn new social skills.  Learn more here

What’s Your Why? – Develop Your Brand Message - November 16, 2022 (Webinar)

Learn how to develop a story to engage the target audience and effectively communicate the intended message. This webinar hosted by the Center for Nonprofit Advancement is foundational for the brand messaging of an organization. Register here to attend. 

The Intentional Relationships Workshop - December 8-9, 2022 (Webinar)

Developmental relationships help young people forge identities, learn new skills, and strengthen the roots of their success, so they can withstand the storms of life. More information about this webinar hosted by the Search Institute can be found here

National Afterschool Association Convention - March 19-22, 2022 (Orlando, FL)

The National Afterschool Association Convention provides OST professionals with meaningful opportunities to inspire learning, power human connections, and more. Register today to attend.

Note: References to events, workshops, organizations, or activities do not serve as an endorsement or recommendation from the OST Office, Learn24, or the Government of the District of Columbia.

The OST Office Celebrates Five Years! 

October 24, 2022, marked FIVE years since the inception of the Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes (OST Office). The OST Office remains committed to investing in organizations that are working to improve the lives of young people through transformational and impactful out-of-school time (OST) programming in the District of Columbia.

Some highlights that the OST Office has accomplished in the past five years include:

  • Awarding more than $64 million dollars in grants to non-profit organizations serving District of Columbia youth. View previous annual reports here.
  • Supporting more than 140,000 youth with access to quality OST programming
    • This includes assisting youth and families at DC Housing Authority locations and Department of Human Services short-term family sites with access to quality summer and afterschool programs.
  • The Institute for Youth Development has provided more than 360 workshops for more than 3,800 youth development professionals. These workshops are focused on improving the daily interactions with youth. View a complete list of workshops available here.
  • Named as a finalist for the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation 19th Annual Awards which is designed to recognize outstanding performance and exemplary service within DC Government.
  • And much more!

As the OST Office embarks on new experiences, challenges, and successes, please continue to engage with us, share your stories, and participate in any of the offerings hosted by the OST Office. 

The OST Office is Hiring! 

The OST Office is currently seeking qualified candidates that are committed to improving the educational, social emotional, and physical health outcomes of school-aged youth through participation in OST programs in the District of Columbia. Please review the vacant positions and deadlines to apply below:

  • Resource Allocation Analyst - Deadline to apply is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. View the complete job posting here
  • Supervisory Grants Management Specialist - Deadline to apply is Monday, October 31, 2022. View the complete job posting here
  • Grants Management Specialist - Deadline to apply is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. View the complete job posting here

Needs Assessment for OST Providers: Survey for Providers of OST Programs

The D.C. Policy Center is partnering with the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education (DME) to update the 2017 study of the Out-of-School Time (OST) programs offered across the District of Columbia and how well these programs meet the needs of students and families. The OST programs in the analyses will include afterschool and summer programs, weekend programs, seasonal programs, and programs offered during school closures.  

DC community-based organizations play an important part in the OST program landscape and are encouraged to complete this survey. The information collected will help increase the understanding of the need for OST programs and assess if this need is being met. Please complete and submit the survey by Friday, November 4, 2022.   

The survey should take approximately 30 minutes and will use enrollment and capacity information from the last several years. Responses are confidential, and the D.C. Policy Center will not share any response with any other organization. The final report will only utilize the aggregate information, not any specific service provider. Please submit a separate form for each program. 

Upcoming Virtual Workshops from The Institute for Youth Development 

The Institute for Youth Development is committed to providing youth development professionals with an opportunity to gain practical skills that can be implemented in their interactions with youth immediately. This listing of upcoming workshops helps promote a positive environment with youth.

Register now! Space is limited. 

Community Opportunities

2023 Student Assignment and Boundary Study

The 2023 Student Assignment and Boundary Study will develop systematic and school-level recommendations to address the following three goals, based on analytic findings and stakeholder input, while affirmatively advancing racial equity and socioeconomic equity and excellence in public schools in Washington, DC. The three goals include:

  • Students have clear assignments to schools by right based on DCPS attendance zones and feeder pathways,
  • There is adequate capacity in the DCPS facilities at PK3, ES, MS, and HS, including feeder pathways, and
  • There is equitable access among District students to high-quality public schools. 

This study will have robust community engagement consisting of an advisory committee, townhall meetings, individual school community meetings, and online feedback. The study will build upon foundational information from the 2023 DC Education Master Facilities Plan.  The Office of Contracts and Procurement, under the behalf of the DME, has released a solicitation for contractual support. The project will launch in January 2023 and be completed by December 2023.

Funding Opportunities

Learn24 OST Youth Scholarship Program

The Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes (OST Office) is excited to partner with the Greater Washington Community Foundation to help provide OST programs to students with specific needs. Examples of programs that the scholarship may support include, but are not limited to, programs designed specifically for students with disabilities, advanced learners, and English Language Learners. Individuals not considered at-risk may also be eligible to receive a scholarship based on need and availability of funding. Scholarships of up to $10,000 are available for individual students for use in approved OST activities in calendar year 2022. The minimum scholarship award is $1,000. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. For more information, please click here

High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) Grant - Request for Application (RFA)

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) is releasing up to $7.5 million of funding for approximately five to seven grants to support existing successful evidence-based tutoring programs to scale. The funding period will run from approximately Jan. 9, 2023, through Sept. 30, 2024.

The RFA is available on OSSE’s website  The deadline to apply will be Monday, October 31, 2022, at 3:00 pm. If you have any questions about the grant, please email the HIT grants team at HIT.Grants@dc.gov.


The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation

The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation is accepting grant applications from nonprofit organizations that work to improve the lives of DC-area residents, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable and underserved individuals. Organizations that provide comprehensive services and work towards systemic change are encouraged to apply. Applications must be received by Tuesday, November 1, 2022. View information regarding the application process, funding restrictions, previous grant recipients, and more here.

Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grant

The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation will fund nonprofit organizations up to $20,000 in program funding and/or operating funds. Areas of focus include museums, arts and culture, performing arts, education, schools, youth, and more. Applications must be received by Thursday November 10, 2022, to be considered. To learn more information regarding deadlines, criteria, and past recipients please, click here.

Many Hands Grants

Many Hands is accepting grant applications from Washington, DC area nonprofits serving women, children, and families in socioeconomic need. Focus areas include economic empowerment, education, health, and housing. One organization will receive the Many Hands $100,000 Impact Grant. Applications must be received by Friday, November 18, 2022. View the application here.

Youth Garden Grant

KidsGardening has supported school and youth educational garden projects that enhance the quality of life for students and their communities since 1982. The 2023 Youth Garden Grant will award 50 nonprofit organizations, public or private schools, or youth programs that are expanding or planning a new garden program. The deadline to apply is Friday, December 2, 2022. More information about the application process can be found here.


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