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Office of Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes

Job Opportunities

Program Analyst - Department of Employment Services

Investigator - Office of the State Superintendent of Education

Program Support Specialist - DC Department of Parks and Recreation

Program Manager - Reading Partners

Youth Development Mentor - Beacon House DC

Family Engagement Center - National Children's Center

Program Specialist - Office of Justice Programs  

Operations Director - Critical Exposure

Digital Marketing Manager – National Association for the Education of Young Children

Learn24 Events

Funding & Capacity Building Committee Meeting - April 18, 2022 (Webinar)

Quality Committee Meeting - April 19, 2022 (Webinar)

OST Commission Strategic Plan Feedback Session - April 19, 2022 (Webinar)

The Power of Storytelling in Fundraising - April 20, 2022 (Webinar)

OST Commission Strategic Plan Feedback Session - April 21, 2022 (Webinar)

Tutoring Best Practices & Multiple Intelligences - April 22, 2022 (Webinar)

Coordination & Collaboration Meeting - April 25, 2022 (Webinar)

Restorative Justice - April 26 - 27, 2022 (Webinar)

Introduction to the Active Participatory Approach - April 27, 2022 (Webinar)

Professional Development Opportunities

Program Planning for Summer April 19, 2022 (Webinar)

Join School's Out Washington for a webinar to discuss key components and considerations of program planning that keep staff focused on and available for the youth in a program. Sign up to attend here.

BOOST Conference - April 26 - 29, 2022 (Palm Springs, CA)

Join the largest, most recognized and comprehensive global convening for after school, expanded learning, and in and out-of-school time professionals at the Best Out of School Time (BOOST) Conference. Sign up to attend here.

Grant-Writing for Greater Impact - May 11, 2022 (Webinar)

Join the Center for Nonprofit Advancement to learn how to write your grants for greater impact. Participants will review and discuss a generic letter proposal and compare it to the Washington Grantmakers’ Common Grant Application guidelines. Register today to attend.

Youth Mental Health First Aid for DC Educators -  May 18, 2022 (Webinar)

Join OSSE and Learn24 for a webinar to learn about the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems in adolescents. Attend this webinar by registering here.

Fly By Light National Training - July 25 - 29, 2022 (Webinar)

The Fly By Light National Training equips educators, teachers, youth organizers, artists, and activists with the restorative justice, SEL, mindfulness, art expression, and conflict resolution tools needed to outfit the next generation of change-makers. Sign up to attend this 40-hour training hosted by One Common Unity here.

Note: References to events, workshops, organizations, or activities do not serve as an endorsement or recommendation from the OST Office, Learn24, or the Government of the District of Columbia.

Commission on Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes Strategic Plan Community Engagement Sessions

The Commission on Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes (OST Commission) invites youth, families, stakeholders and the public to join community feedback sessions to provide comments, concerns, and suggestions to be included in the upcoming OST Strategic Plan for the next three years. This strategic plan will focus on the following four strategic priorities to achieve our vision:

  • Funding & Capacity Building
  • Quality
  • Outcomes
  • Coordination & Collaboration

Register to attend one or both of the engagement sessions below, the format for the meetings will be the same:

Individuals can also provide feedback, considerations, and suggestions here.

For any questions, or concerns email learn24@dc.gov.

Upcoming Virtual Workshops from The Institute for Youth Development 

The Institute for Youth Development is committed to providing youth development professionals with an opportunity to gain practical skills that can be implemented in their interactions with youth immediately. This listing of upcoming workshops helps promote a positive environment with youth.

Register now! Space is limited. 

Support OST Programs This Tax Season

Consider supporting out-of-school time (OST) programs this tax season by making a Contribution to Taxpayer Support for Afterschool Programs for At-Risk Students on your DC individual income tax form, under the contributions section on Schedule U part II, line 2. These funds will support grants to help bring safe and meaningful opportunities to at-risk youth in the District of Columbia beyond the school day.

Promising Practices

In the first newsletter of each month, The Institute for Youth Development will highlight a specific indicator from the Weikart Center's Youth Program Quality Assessment (PQA) on promising practices in the field.

Strategies for Addressing the Needs of Students with Special Needs in OST Programs

Out-of-school time (OST) programs are the perfect place to foster inclusive environments. Programs have an obligation to take necessary steps so that all children can safely and meaningfully participate. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) ensure that people with disabilities are given the opportunity to access public spaces and programs. Since many OST programs take place in public spaces, in this article we will discuss practical strategies and accommodations that are supportive of all OST youth and give a boost to students experiencing learning or behavioral difficulties.

One of the most effective tools in fostering an inclusive environment is to create a safe space. Leaders should explore the interest and needs of the children in their programs to create high interest opportunities. While it is important to build a strong rapport with the child, leaders should build relationships with families, schools, and other community partners as well. A child benefitting from a holistic model of support typically shows more confidence; thereby being more likely to actively participate in programming.

At the instructional delivery and management level, leaders can implement a variety of tried and true accommodations such as establishing consistent routines and boundaries, facilitating structured activities, regularly reinforcing rules, using visible positive behavior management tools, flexible seating, grouping, and scheduling whenever possible. The key to most successful management strategies comes from consistency, consistency, consistency!

Programs should intentionally plan to meet the various needs of all participants, effectively train staff to create an inclusive environment, and build solid relationships with stakeholders. Creating meaningful and inclusive learning opportunities is beneficial to all learners, and most specifically, the youth. Click here to check out a case study on supporting youth with special needs in OST programs.

Resources from the Field

Bowser Administration Launches #HealthyHeroesDC Youth Art Contest

Today, the Bowser Administration announced the launch of the #HealthyHeroesDC Youth Art Contest for students to share the healthy choices they are making every day to keep their communities safe, including receiving their routine vaccinations and getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

District youth ages 5-12 are encouraged to participate and showcase the ways we can make healthy choices to keep our communities strong. The deadline to enter is Friday, April 22, 2022

 A total of 10 winners will be featured in a District-wide digital and print campaign. Winners will be selected from two categories:

  • Ages 5-8. The panel will select five winning entries.
  • Ages 9-12. The panel will select five winning entries.

Contest rules and further details can be found at here.

Funding Opportunities

RFA Seeking Subcontractors to Work Directly with Coordinating Entities in Summer 2022

On behalf of Learn24 Coordinating Entities that will be publicly announced soon, the OST Office is accepting applications from high-quality subcontractors (vendors) to provide educational, social, emotional, and/or physical health opportunities and activities for children at DC Housing Authority and DC Department of Human Services short-term family housing sites. The deadline to apply is Monday, April 18, 2022 at 5:00 pm. View the complete RFA here. Complete the application here

Visit Learn24.dc.gov for more information.

Sparkplug Foundation to Fund Nonprofit Organizations up to $20K

The Sparkplug Foundation is currently accepting applications from start-up organizations and new projects of established organizations in music, education, and community organizing. Past grants ranged from $1,000 to $20,000. For consideration, preliminary questions must be received by Friday, April 22, 2022 at 11:59 pm ET. For more information on deadlines and criteria, click here

D'Addario Foundation Grant

The D'Addario Foundation is accepting letters of inquiry from programs that bring music back into communities and schools and get kids playing as early and as frequently as possible. The D'Addario Foundation is recognized as a global leader in finding, funding, and partnering with transformative music education organizations. Prospective grantees must complete a letter of inquiry by Friday, April 30, 2022. Learn more at www.daddariofoundation.org/grants.

Martha’s Table Community Impact Fund

The Martha’s Table Community Impact Fund will provide up to $10,000 in funding to support and strengthen Ward 8 nonprofits. This direct investment will help build capacity for organizations historically excluded from institutional philanthropy and whose leadership and staff reflect the demographic composition and lived experiences of the communities they serve. The deadline to submit an application will be Friday, May 20, 2022 at 5:00 pm.  More information can be found here

Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation Philanthropic Arts Program

The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation will award organizations grants of up to $25,000 that use art and art education to create a more immersive and engaging atmosphere for learners. Successful awardees will implement or enhance programs utilizing the arts in daily curricula for early childhood education programs. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Learn more about the application, deadlines, and eligibility criteria here.

Serve DC - The Mayor's Office on Volunteerism and Partnerships Funding Alert

Weekly newsletter of funding opportunities.

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