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November 13, 2020 

Letter from the Mayor

Dear Washingtonians, 

Throughout this public health emergency, I have been incredibly proud of how Washingtonians have answered the call to protect each other, especially our most vulnerable neighbors. Across all eight wards, DC residents are wearing masks, social distancing, and limiting their exposure to other people. As cases continue to rise nationwide, let's redouble our efforts to keep our community safe. 

As we individually and collectively consider steps we can take to stop the spread, I want to remind everyone of the importance of wearing a mask around close friends and family members who are not part of your immediate household. I understand that for some people this can feel awkward or maybe even unnecessary. It can seem strange to visit your cousin with a mask on or to wear a mask around your best friends. But we know from contact tracing that small gatherings of friends and family are where many Washingtonians are likely getting exposed to the virus. Obviously, no one is trying to infect their friends and family; the problem is that people can be doing everything carefully, feel healthy, and still be infected and contagious. So, let's work together to keep each other safe. When you are around friends and family, remind each other to keep masks on, to keep masks covering the nose, and to stay properly distanced. 

All along, we have understood that the only way we get through this is together. Especially over the next two months, please pay special attention to how you protect yourself and others. And continue to check in on each other. We know that this holiday season will look very different; let's do all we can to stay emotionally and spiritually connected while physically distant. 


Muriel Bowser

In This Week's Newsletter:


We expect to have protesters coming into our city this weekend. Washington, DC is a city that proudly upholds the values of love, inclusivity, and diversity. We will always support each other against any forces of ignorance and bigotry that seek to divide us.

Regardless of who comes into our community, this weekend and every weekend, Washingtonians will be #UnitedtoLove.

Travel Advisory for Residents & Visitors

Travel Advisory

The District's updated travel advisory is now in effect. 

People who are visiting DC need to:

  • Get tested before they travel to the District – within 72 hours of traveling. If they test positive, they should not travel.
  • Visitors should also not come to DC if they are a close contact of a confirmed case.
  • And if a person is visiting DC for more than three days, they also need to get tested again within 3-5 days of arrival. (Visitors can get free testing at one of the public testing sites.)

DC residents returning to the District after traveling to any place other than Maryland, Virginia, or a low-risk state or country must either:

  • Limit daily activities and self-monitor for 14 days upon their return; or
  • Limit daily activities until they get tested for COVID-19 (3-5 days after their return) and receive a negative result.

Read the full travel advisory HERE

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At-Home COVID-19 Tests

Need a Test

Residents who want a COVID-19 test but who cannot or do not want to leave their homes have several options:

  • Get a test kit sent to your home through LabCorp 


  • Have a medical professional come to your home through the Ready Responders

Learn more about both options at coronavirus.dc.gov/testing

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DC Health Vaccine Survey

Vaccine Survey

DC Health wants to hear from DC residents about an eventual COVID-19 vaccine.

Please complete a 2-minute survey HERE.

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