Key Takeaways from the SBOE

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Key Takeaways from the SBOE

July 2019

District Teacher Panel

Justin Lopez-Cardoze, Dr. Daniel Spruill, and Gary Hamilton share insights during District teacher panel at our public meeting.

The SBOE convened a District teacher panel this month to learn more about best practices and insights in the classroom as part of its ongoing teacher retention work. State Board members have spent the summer working on SBOE strategic initiatives and connecting with parents, families, and students at local education events around the District. 

Please be advised that there will be no working session or public meeting in August. The SBOE will hold a Board member retreat on August 27 to receive training and assist in the development of members, including a review of its current strategic plan. This meeting will be closed to the public under DC Official Code § 2–575(b)(12).

Make your voice heard. All students, parents, educators, & community members can testify on education issues at every public meeting. The deadline to sign up for September’s public meeting is Monday, September 16 at 5 p.m.! Call us at (202) 741-0888 or email us at to find out more.


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2019 SBOE Members

Ruth Wattenberg
President, Ward 3

Markus Batchelor
Vice President, Ward 8

Ashley MacLeay
Emily Gasoi
Ward 1
Jack Jacobson 
Ward 2
Frazier O’Leary
Ward 4
Zachary Parker
Ward 5
Jessica Sutter
Ward 6
Karen Williams
Ward 7

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July Teacher Panel

At this month’s public meeting, SBOE members welcomed exemplary teachers from the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) and public charter schools who were awarded and recognized for their significant teaching contributions over the past year. The panelists and State Board members engaged in discussion that highlighted insights and learnings from their classrooms. In addition to inspiring testimony, Mr. Hamilton, Dr. Spruill & Mr. Lopez-Cardoze provided an incredible dialogue on education in DC.

View  testimony here:
SBOE's teacher retention page:

Gary Hamilton 2019

“The best teachers are the best learners."

~ Gary Hamilton

Justin Lopez-Cardoze 2019

“Interconnectedness to community, a sense of belonging & instruction—they go together."

~ Justin Lopez-Cardoze

Daniel Spruill 2019

“We need a sense of shared power. There’s a satisfaction that comes from it that does not come from a paycheck.”

~ Dr. Daniel Spruill

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Office of the Student Advocate

Led by Interim Chief Student Advocate Dan Davis, the Office of the Student Advocate (OSA) works in partnership to equalize the balance of power between families and schools by increasing family voice, access, and power. In the office’s day-to-day work, OSA supports students and families in their advocacy through parent education, one-on-one coaching, resource supports, and trainings. OSA has recently released the District of Columbia Student Discipline Guide, a great resource for families which is now available for download.

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Ombudsman Services 2019

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