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February 2018 | E-Newsletter


Human Capital Spotlight

NCI Youth Development Literacy Lab 2017 Recap

In 2017, the Literacy Lab placed three full time AmeriCorps tutors at the Walker-Jones Education Campus to provide daily one-on-one reading interventions to students. Over the course of the year, the program aimed to serve 40 students, and we exceeded this goal, serving 77 students in total. Students were assessed through three reading benchmark measures in Fall, Winter, and Spring. The average Kindergarten student improved from recognizing less than one letter per minute to 42 letters per minute. First graders improved from correctly reading an average of 19 words per minute to 38 words per minute. Second graders improved from reading 35 to 74 words correct per minute and third graders improved from reading 43 to 80 words correct per minute. We're excited about the progress being made at the Literacy Lab and hope to continue to exceed our goals this year.

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