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February, 2018

The DC Department of Human Services is pleased to share this e-news bulletin announcing news and information about DHS programs, services and resources. 

In this Issue:

What's New With the TANF Program?

Mayor Bowser's Budget Engagement Process

What's New With the District's Temporary Assistance to Need Families Program


After a year of engagement and funding debates, DC has a Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) policy we can be proud of. One that is serving the whole family by keeping more money in the home and eliminates arbitrary time limits regardless of how long the family has been in the TANF program. 

The new and improved TANF program also provides better employment supports to help families get a job, complete an educational program, receive a promotion, and ultimately exit public benefits. [More]

DC Budget Challenge: How Would You Allocate $100 for Resources and Services


Felicia joined table number 22 at Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Budget Engagement Forum as a lively discussion was underway.

“Five dollars to education,” suggested a table member.

“No! Ten dollars to education and 20 dollars to public safety,” protested another.

“I think health and human services should receive a majority of the budget,” commented Felicia. “Their programs and services support many residents of the city.”

Used to assist in making key budget decisions, Mayor Bowser’s annual series of Budget Engagement Forums gives residents the opportunity to share their values and priorities before the Fiscal Year 2019 budget is finalized....[more]

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