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January 2018 | NCI E-Newsletter

Important Announcements


FY18 NCI Human Capital Grantees

NCI has confirmed its human capital grantees for fiscal year 2018 (FY18).  For comprehensive case management, the grantees are as follows:

  • Barry Farm – Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative
  • Lincoln Heights/Richardson Dwellings – Homes for Hope
  • Northwest One – Housing Opportunities Unlimited
  • Park Morton – Housing Opportunities Unlimited

For youth development and wellness, the grantees are as follows:

  • Barry Farm – Athletes United for Social Justice, Whitman Walker Clinic
  • Lincoln Heights/Richardson Dwellings – Higher Achievement, DC Scores
  • Northwest One – The Literacy Lab
  • Park Morton – Dance Institute of Washington, Athletes United for Social Justice

Featured News 

NCI Neighbors Up


Last year, NCI launched Neighbor Up to focus more purposefully on community building and engagement to encourage successful neighborhoods that go beyond the development of physical spaces. So far, we have launched Neighbor Up DC (a citywide network) as well as Neighbor Up Park View (around the Park Morton development) and Neighbor Up Marvin Gaye (around the Lincoln Heights/Richardson Dwellings development). The citywide network also often convenes in the Northwest One area, and many residents from Northwest One participate. Click below for to watch a video from  the monthly events that residents and community members have been leading called “parties with a purpose.”

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Upcoming Events

Strand Zoning Commission Hearing (2nd Vote) | 1.29.18
Zoning Commission, 441 4th Street, NW #200 | 6:30 PM
Click Here for the PUD Application (Case 17-10)

NeighborUp Marvin Gaye Network Night | 1.30.18
Riverside Center, 5200 Foote Ave, NE | 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Deanwood Town Center Zoning Commission Hearing | 3.15.18
Zoning Commission, 441 4th Street, NW #200 | 6:30 PM
Click Here for the PUD Application (Case 17-19) 

The following is a list of meetings NCI and our partners regularly attend to provide updates:

  • Lincoln Heights/Richardson Dwellings NCI Meeting | 2.5.17
    Riverside Center, 4800 Foote St., NE | 6:00 PM
  • Lincoln Heights/Richardson Dwellings - ANC 7C Meeting | 2.8.18   
    Sargent Memorial, 5109 Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave., NE | 7:00 PM
  • Lincoln Heights/Richardson Dwellings - Deanwood Civic Association Meeting | 1.22.18
    Deanwood Recreation Center, 1350 49th St., NE | 6:30 PM
  • Barry Farm - ANC 8C Meeting | 2.7.18
    RISE, 2730 MLK Jr. Ave SE | 6:30 PM
  • Park Morton - ANC 1A Meeting | 2.14.18
    Harriet Tubman Elementary, 3101 13th Street NW | 7:00 PM 
  • Park Morton - Steering Committee Meeting | 2.22.18
    Park View Rec, 693 Otis Pl NW | 6:30 PM 
    (Open to the public quarterly) 
  • Park Morton - ANC 1B Meeting | 2.1.18
    DC Housing and Finance Agency Office, 815 Florida Ave NW | 7:00 PM 

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Featured Spotlight

I Belong Here...

NCI I Belong Here

On Jan 11th, NCI debuted the “I Belong Here” photo series at the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development’s annual Cluster Open House. The series highlights the diversity of the Park View neighborhood that neighbors value and are working to maintain, even as their neighborhood changes. Check out photos from the series below. 


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