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November 2017 | E-Newsletter


Important Announcements

Residents Encouraged to Update Contact Information

As development activity in New Communities Initiative (NCI) neighborhoods continue, we want to make sure we always have up-to-date contact information for every resident with a right to return. Take our short survey below to make sure we know the best way to keep in touch with you.


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NCI Spotlight: Human Capital


NCI Advances 100% Resident Success Platform 

The New Communities Initiative spent most of 2016 evaluating our human capital program to identify areas of improvement for service providers and to determine how to create a better path to 100% resident success for residents.  We worked with the Urban Institute, our human capital service providers and with residents to complete a needs assessment and evaluation of our services. We worked with other District government agencies to provide additional training to providers.  We did learning exchanges with other jurisdictions implementing programs similar to ours.

The Northwest One case management provider, Housing Opportunities Unlimited (HOU), has made a number of advancements based on that work.  Two are worth highlighting:

Trauma-Informed Approaches to Resident Engagement 
In an effort to become better trained in trauma-informed approaches, HOU case managers completed a certification training offered by the District's Department of Behavioral Health on "co-occurring disorders" or disorders with a simultaneous occurrence of substance abuse and behavioral health challenges.  Trauma-informed approaches to service delivery, outreach and community building acknowledge the persistent trauma individuals and communities can experience, particularly in areas of high poverty and crime.  This new training and certification has helped HOU design better approaches to resident outreach.

Measuring 100% Resident Success
With input from HOU and other providers, NCI designed a "Housing Stability & Wellness" Survey to tell us more about how NCI residents are doing.  The survey asks questions about the quality of residents' housing (very important for residents who have relocated, like those who lived in Temple Courts) as well as health, employment, education and other topics. HOU began implementing the survey this summer. NCI hopes that this year's survey will create a baseline of data which can be compared against next year's survey.  Check out an electronic version of the survey here.  Residents can complete the survey online, or connect with HOU to complete.

Click below to learn more about NCI's human capital services.

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