2016 SBOE Year in Review


DECEMBER 30, 2016

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Mary Science


2016 was one of the most productive years since the District of Columbia State Board of Education was established. The SBOE helped to create a foundation here in the District for excellence and equity in education, continuing its impressive pace of work committed to ensuring that every student receives a top-quality education. Click here to read more about how the State Board engaged with District families and community members.

Kamili Todd


The SBOE was at the table representing DC residents this year in implementation of the new federal ESSA. The State Board has spent the entirety of 2016 focused on revising the District's statewide accountability plan that will help shape every school. SBOE was out front in engaging hundreds of parents, teachers, workforce development and business representatives, and community members throughout the year, and ensuring their voice is heard. These voices are vital to developing a strong plan that will bring equity and opportunity to our students. For more info about ESSA, including upcoming engagement opportunities and previous meeting materials, please visit sboe.dc.gov/essa.    

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Diploma Grads 16


Despite their hard work to pass the rigorous GED exam or complete the National External Diploma Program (NEDP), many adult learners in DC still face barriers to employment. One of these barriers was the mere fact that they were not awarded a “diploma” for their accomplishments. Approximately 60,000 District adults, 85 percent of whom are 25 or older, lack a high school diploma or its equivalency. Over 35 percent of families headed by an individual without a diploma live in poverty, and Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce predicts that by 2020 over 75 percent of jobs in DC will require a diploma. In January, the State Board overwhelming approved the awarding of a State Diploma for adult students. Click here to read more about how this will impact District residents.

High School Kids


This year, the State Board passed regulations to pave the way for competency-based learning in District high schools. Many students learn at their own pace and in unique ways, and the SBOE diligently worked to assess the validity and usage of competency-based courses. These pioneering courses give teachers the ability to help students own their learning and master material, truly setting them up for success beyond high school. These changes will allow schools to innovate with competency-based education without forcing schools to overhaul their current credit-giving framework. The State Board is eager to understand the challenges and successes of implementing this enhanced flexibility to deepen student learning and put them on the path to success. Click here to learn more about how students will benefit from the passage of these regulations.

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In April, the State Board voted unanimously to update the District’s health education standards. Health education standards are vital to ensuring that students learn to be healthy, safe citizens. These standards can make a real difference in the lives of our students. From bullying to addiction, sexual health to depression, the new standards will provide students with the skills they need to be healthy for the rest of their lives. The revised standards are the product of two years of diligent work by the SBOE, Office of the State Superintendent for Education, and numerous members of the District community. OSSE and SBOE solicited input and feedback from teachers, students, practitioners, and others to develop comprehensive standards that meets the needs of our students. Click here to learn more about how students can learn to be healthy, safe citizens.