ACTION REQUIRED: Update to SSL Certificate used for API and TMS services

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July 17th - Updated SSL Certificate for API and TMS Services

As part of our commitment to provide a secure, high performing platform to our customers Granicus technical teams will be updating the SSL certificate used for API ( and TMS ( services on July 17th at 1:00 PM CT. 

Action may be required to ensure your application can connect after the update:

  • If your application/service does not require saving the SSL certificate locally: you may need to "trust" the new certificate within your system but depending on your application/network configuration this may occur automatically requiring no further action on your part. 

  • If your application/service requires saving the SSL certificate locally: you will need to download/save the newest version of the certificate to the keystore. Please see the link below which will allow you to download the certificate:

Download the updated SSL certificate

The certificate above will cover the following services/endpoints: 

  • API (including and
  • TMS (including and 

If needed, you can also download the root certificate here.


Can Granicus tell me if my application requires updating/saving the SSL certificate?

Unfortunately we are not able to advise if your application or server will require this update as it is dependent on the tools/services internal to your organization. Many client's systems will simply download the new certificate after the change. 

Is there a separate SSL certificate for the stage environments? 

We use a single "star" SSL cert that covers all * domains. Both stage and production use the same SSL certificate (though you may need to update your application for both environments). 

What if I've saved the new SSL certificate to my app/server's keystore but am still not able to connect?

Some clients applications require saving the the SSL certificate in the application's keystore in addition to on their server/network. If using a library such as JAVA it may also be necessary to update the SSL cert within JAVA's keystore as well. Additionally, while the root certificate should be unchanged, some clients have also needed to save this as well. If you also need the root certificate that can be found here.

Any other troubleshooting tips/recommendations?

  • Double check that the correct version of the SSL certificate has been downloaded/installed for your environment.
  • Try restarting the service as this is often required before the change in SSL certificate will take effect. 
  • A network or server may be caching the previous certificate information; a restart or purging of any cache may resolve the issue. 

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this change and if you encounter any issues updating the SSL certificate above or if you have any questions/would like more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Customer Support:
Phone: 800-314-0147 (US)  0800 032 7764 (Europe)

Thank you,
Your Granicus Customer Support Team

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