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October 2017

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Joint Statement of the BART and VTA General Managers

Rendering of a single bore tunnel station

 VTA and BART are planning to conduct a peer review of single-bore and twin-bore tunnel methodologies for the 5-mile tunnel of the planned extension of BART into Silicon Valley. 

The peer review, which will commence this month and take several weeks, will be conducted by public transit agencies currently operating rail subway systems. 

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VTA Donates Buses to Serve Homeless Vets

vet buses

As part of an ongoing commitment to finding solutions that move you, VTA has donated four of its community buses to the Homeless Veterans Emergency Housing Facility (Veterans Facility).

The vehicle donation is a result of ongoing discussions dating back more than six months, when representatives from the Veterans Facility approached VTA after learning that Bus Line 45 was being considered for termination under VTA’s Transit Service Redesign Plan.

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MTC Surveys Coming to a Transit Center Near You

light rail train

How do you pay your VTA fare? Clipper Card? Cash? Some other way? Beginning Tuesday, September 26, 2017 you may notice people in bright safety vests at transit centers asking these kinds of questions.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission, (MTC) the transportation planning, financing and coordinating agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area, is sponsoring two surveys: one of customers who use Clipper Card and one of customers who use cash and other alternatives to Clipper.

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Bus Operators and Bicyclists: Sharing the Road Safely

bike safety

Bus operators and bicyclists share responsibility for safely traveling together on city streets. VTA bus operators are trained to observe multiple safety criteria.  Both bus operators and bicyclists should keep the following points in mind:

1.Three feet of safety.
The VTA bus operators are to maintain a minimum right side clearance of 3½ feet whenever possible, to allow bicyclists the room they need to maneuver.
2.Tapping the horn to alert.
Operators are to determine whether or not they need to tap the horn to get the attention of a bicyclist ahead of the bus. If ample side clearance is available, operators may not need to honk.

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Participate in BART’s Online Fare Survey


As Santa Clara County prepares for the introduction of BART service, BART is reaching out to the public to help tailor future service on VTA's BART Silicon Valley Berryessa Extension. (Phase One)

An initial service plan will be implemented for the two new BART stations in Milpitas and the Berryessa District of North San Jose. 

BART has developed multiple service options and is seeking input on these proposed service plans.   Take the survey here.

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Housing, Transportation and Educational Contracting Opportunities

Business Diversity

VTA's Regional Business Diversity Program, in partnership with the County of Santa Clara, will hold a Procurement and Supplier Diversity Outreach Event on Thursday, November 9, 2017 from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Featured presentations include contracting opportunities with public agencies and prime contractors associated with Santa Clara County Measure A , San Jose Evergreen Community College District Measure X, and BART Measure RR, as well as other projects.

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Mobility Partnership meeting

9 a.m., Oct. 11, 2017

VTA Technical Advisory Cmte. meeting
1:30 p.m., Oct. 11, 2017 

Policy Advisory Cmte. meeting

4 p.m., Oct. 12, 2017


  • Adoption of the resolution that established the 2016 Measure B Program.
  • Adoption of the 2016 Measure B Guidelines for the following categories: 

Local Streets and Roads 

BART Phase II 

Caltrain Corridor Capacity 


Highway Interchanges 

County Expressways

Bicycle and Pedestrian*

Caltrain Grade Separation*

Transit Operations Program*

(*has some amendments)

  • Deferred the approval of the guidelines for the SR 85 Program Category of the 2016 Measure B Program.