Board moves ahead with BART to SFO incentive

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Release Date: 10/24/2019


Media Contact: Jim Allison
Phone: (510) 368-2435

Board Moves Ahead with BART to SFO Incentive

The BART Board of Directors took the first step today toward giving BART riders a priority line for passenger screening at San Francisco International Airport.

The directors voted to approve trip verification technology (TVT). With TVT, SFO-hired staff would use devices at a designated entry point to scan Clipper cards or QR codes on BART apps to verify a customer used public transportation to get to the airport. If the trip on BART or other public transportation is verified, the customer would proceed to a priority line to go through TSA screening.

BART’s new General Manager Bob Powers is focusing on rider experience improvements and an incentive program like this will save BART riders time.

BART Board President Bevan Dufty today praised the idea which came to him from a Twitter follower encouraging staff to explore such a program.  “We need to be creative in ways to increase airport ridership and make it more attractive to take transit instead of a car.”

Depending on the outcome of the pilot program, BART could consider offering the technology at Oakland International Airport and stadium entrances.

BART has already been in talks with potential partners. Now that the technology has been approved, BART engineers will begin developing the software. There’s no specific timeline for the pilot program, but with today’s Board action, BART staff will move into the development phase.